Bought a House and Landed in Bankruptcy

I refer to the above matter 2 In the year 2000 I took up a housing to buy a home. 3 Little did I know that by buying the home could land me in bankruptcy. 4 This remains an unfortunate event until I met Messrs Alex Chang & Co., they sympathised with me for the plight I was in and assisted me to put in a very strong and compelling appeal to the bankers citing all the reasons to supporRead More…

Bankruptcy Discharge passport go anywhere anytime Full Settlement Creditor

Discount Annul Discharge then Pay Later

Versi Bahasa 中文版 I was one of the three directors in a company. What was a supposed happy and proud achievement and arrangement ultimately led me down the rabbit hole that is bankruptcy. I was made bankrupt in 2018 following a default in payments by the other directors who were managing the loan, a loan I was involuntarily made a guarantor of. Life as I knew it changed right beforeRead More…

Full Settlement from a Company that was Wound Up

1 We were trading with one of the world’s top healthcare product manufacturers and the outstanding debts from the Debtor ran into millions. Initial Settlement 2 Shortly after we have instructed Messrs Alex Chang & Co. to file a Companies Winding-Up Petition, we received a proposal for settlement of the full sum by an instalment scheme. Debtor Was Wound Up by AnRead More…

Got a Nice Discount then Annulment Discharged from Bankruptcy

I am a Malaysian working overseas for a number of years now. Some time back while I was trying to make an online transaction with my Malaysian bank account, I discovered my account was frozen and upon further enquiries with the said bank, I discovered I had been made a bankrupt. I then contacted the office of the Director General of Insolvency. I encountered much difficulties for a few months in Read More…

A quick resolution to my Bankruptcy Annulment

I have been plagued by an oversight which made me a bankrupt sometime ago. Before I came to Alex Chang & Co. I was trying to for a few months to talk to the officers of the Director General of Insolvency for advice on how to go about getting an annulment of my bankruptcy status. I was given different advice by different officers on a string of issues relating to my bankruptcy, sucRead More…

Discharge of Bankruptcy for Malaysian Working Overseas

Versi Bahasa 中文版 If you have recently found out that you have been adjudged a bankrupt these are the facts you must be aware of: 1  You may have difficulties renewing your PASSPORT when it expires; 2  You can instruct us to handle your discharge while you are overseas, if you wish to fully settle your debts (click here to find out more),  we can help you to preRead More…

Send in the SEAL Team To Extract Your Lost Funds

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1      Once you have obtained a judgment, you are only HALF way there, collecting the judgment sum is another  uphill task. 2      When your money is sitting in debtors’  bank account   you feel like sending in someone to ‘extract’ these monies from your debtors.
Judgment Obtained
3      We have obtained a judgment for the supplies of medicinRead More…


Recovery Just Before Debtors go South

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中文版 Many lawyers can recover a debt for you. But how many can recover very substantial sums from these two types of companies: 1  a wound up company and;2  a company that has already ceased operation, retrenched all their workers. Alex Chang & Co did these feats for us.
One of our customers, the Debtors owed us about RM2.2 million, our maRead More…

Write Off RM74 Million Court Awarded Damages Reduced to Nothing

Write Off and Save Our Clients  RM74 million of Damages Awarded By the Courts
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LGB Engineering v Saiful Rais and Ors “Lawyers were notorious for finding cases in the most unlikely places, especially ones with huge potential damages awards.” ― Jodi Picoult, Handle with Care
74 Million Ringgit. That was the amount of damages for which we were ordered to pay to the plainRead More…

Getting Out of the Get Out Clause

Something for Nothing “If enemy offers you two options,surprise him with your third one,end the feud with the fourth one.”― Toba Beta, Betelgeuse Incident: Insiden Bait Al-Jauza versi Bahasa Malaysia When my New Zealander partner (“NZ”) wanted to sell their shares by invoking the “get out clause”  in our joint venture company (“JV Company”)  we explored many options withRead More…

98 Percent Recovery of the Debt After Paying Legal Fees

98 Percent Recovery of the Debt After Paying Legal Fees We would like to record our gratitude towards your services for the following reasons: 1.     The matter, although contested, was heard and settled within two (2) months from the date of filing of the
Companies Winding Up Petition.   We note here that the Petition  was filed without filing a civil to obtain a judgment. 2.     AfterRead More…

Meticulous Work Spectacular Result

They are meticulous and their results are spectacular
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Chinese Version
Lawyers there are many types. We need the type that finds us a solution to our problems, shows us light at the end of the tunnel, warns us that there is a looming danger of a  head on collision.  Alex Chang & Co is one them, they are meticulous and their results are spectacular.
In the years that we Read More…

A Hole In One Kind Of Legal Firm

Poured a RM15 Million claim into the Hole Versi Bahasa Malaysia We  would like to thank you for handling the above matter on  our behalf as well as for our  Mr Bernard. We would like to record our  appreciation for successfully defending a frivolous claim of RM15 Million filed by our Debtor against us in an  attempt to stall and  resist our claim against them for goods soldRead More…

Make your debtors PAY, Mr Chang the Debt Whisperer

Make Him Pay! Magic Words and Personal Attention  Got Us Our Money in Lighting Speed
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1    One  of  our customers has been evading us, all the letters we sent were returned unclaimed, phone lines  to  his office  were disconnected and service of the court document to his office became a night mare. 2     When we were about to commence substituted Read More…

Distressed Over Defaulting Tenants Edward Lee

A Happy a Landlord
Versi Bahasa Malaysia 1     Luck favoured me and  I  am the proud   owner of a condominium in Cheras (hereinafter the “Property”),   all these years the Property yielded a handsome return.     Luck ran out    from July 2016. 2     The Tenant told  me about his financial difficulties that  he would  be expecting some money within a few days and promiseRead More…