Authentic Interactions WhatsApp Verify Genuine Enquiries

Ensuring Authentic Interactions Verify with WhatsApp for Genuine Enquiries In an era where online interactions are abundant and automated bots are prevalent, distinguishing between authentic readers and artificial entities has become paramount. To maintain the integrity of our online community and ensure meaningful conversations, we are introducing a straightforward verification process for reRead More…

Unleashing the Power of WhatsApp’s Dictation, Scan Text, and Speak Features

1. Introduction WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging apps worldwide, continues to innovate with powerful features that enhance user experience. Among these features are the “dictation,” “scan text,” and “speak” options. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to activate and utilise these features, making WhatsApp even more convenient and user-friendly. 2. The Potent DictaRead More…

Curious Case Thumbs Up WhatsApp legally binding agreement

The Curious Case of the Elusive “Thumbs Up” on WhatsApp A Canadian farmer has been ordered to pay RM284,870 in damages after a court ruled that his thumbs up emoji constituted a legally binding agreement. The dispute arose when the farmer and a grain processing cooperative disagreed over a deferred delivery purchase contract. The cooperative argued that the thumbs up emoji confirmed the farmerRead More…

Nature Genetic Tapestry Mosquitoes Bamboo Human Traits

Observing Nature’s Genetic Tapestry: Insights from Mosquitoes, Bamboo, and Human TraitsIntroduction:This article is not intended as a scientific exploration but rather as an observation of the fascinating genetic intricacies found in nature. From buzzing mosquitoes to towering bamboo forests and the diverse traits exhibited by human beings, we embark on a journey to share our understanding of&nbsRead More…

Happy Dragon Boat Festivals 2023 Chinese

端午节 端午节是中国的传统节日之一,也被称为龙舟节。它通常在农历五月初五这一天庆祝。这个节日有着悠久的历史和丰富的文化内涵,是中国文化的瑰宝之一。 端午节的起源可以追溯到两千多年前的中国古代。它是为了纪念屈原这位古代爱国诗人而设立的。屈原是战国时期楚国的一位忠臣和Read More…

Happy Dragon Boat Festivals 2023

Celebrating the  Dragon Boat Festival Introduction 端午节 (Duān Wǔ Jié): In China, the festival that revolves around dumplings is not simply known as the “Dumplings Festival.” Instead, it carries the name “端午節” (Duān Wǔ Jié), also known as the Dragon Boat Festival. This traditional festival holds great cultural significance and is celebrated with much enthusiasm and jRead More…

父亲节快乐 Happy Father’s Day 2023

在朱自清的《背影》中,有一句经典的名言:“有了父亲,便有了永远的力量。”这句话表达了父亲在我们生命中的重要性和无尽的力量,父爱是我们永远的支持和庇护。父亲用自己坚定的步伐引领着我们,他的背影承载着家庭的温暖和慈爱。 Scroll down for the English translation 莫言的《红高粱家族Read More…

Simple tip to clear unread Whatsapp messages

“Free The Unread Chats In Whasapp” Message Overload On a normal day, an average person checks his  phone 150 times.  Imagine the amount of notifications and badges that would pop up on that small screen during the festive seasons… Have you ever had the nightmare to scroll through all the unread messages in “Whatsapp” when replying all those festival greetings? The Read More…

1600cc car and the legal industry

THE CAR INDUSTRIES AND LEGAL PROFESSIONS 1     What is the first thing that  comes to your mind when you choose a car? The price? 2     The most economical and costly 1.6L cars that are commonly sold in Malaysia are priced from  approximately RM40,000 Brand A to  RM250,000 Brand B. There is a  difference of 6 times in price betRead More…

Mooting in 2021

In-House Virtual Mooting Experience at Alex Chang & CoDue to the Covid-19 pandemic, this in-house moot trial was held virtually via Zoom. In this virtual moot competition, the Plaintiff and the Defendant teams were each allocated forty (40) minutes respectively for oral submission including rebuttals. The sequence for oral submission is as below: -Plaintiff Team Defendant TeamLead Counsel –Read More…

Pendebatan vs Hujahan Di Mahkamah

English Version 中文版 Debate vs Submission In Court Pendebatan vs Hujahan Di Mahkamah What’s the difference? Apakah perbezaannya? What is debate? Apakah itu pendebatan? [1] According to the Oxford English Dictionary, debate is “a formal discussion on a particular matter in a public meeting or legislative assembly, in which opposing arguments are put forward and whiRead More…

Going Concern Or Scrap

持续经营或拆解出售 Why is it more worthwhile to sell the company as a going concern rather than selling the assets as scrap? To discuss this question, we need to know what sale of going concern and sale of assets are as well as how these two different with each other. 为什么以持续经营来出售公司比将公司拆解出售资产更有价值? 为了讨论这个问题Read More…

Is vaccination a pre-condition to get a job

接种疫苗成为获取工作的必要条件? 新冠疫情自2020年1月爆发至今已经超过一年之久,全世界没有国家能幸免于此,即便连台湾这个在防疫上近乎滴水不漏的地区也在今年5月时沦陷。这可直接证明了这病毒是无孔不入的。也正因此,全球所有国家都在积极展开疫苗的施打,以尽快结束此次全球性Read More…


“离开舒适区,才能拥有真正的舒适。” 发现英语的重要性 实习期间,当张律师要求我以中文书写一篇文章,我却发现我的中文程度不太好时,这时一个想法就在我脑海里涌现:既然我的中文书写程度不太好,那我何必在专业与商务领域继续花95%的时间以中文交流呢? 无可否认,讲普通话是每Read More…

Submission of No Case to Answer

Versi Bahasa 中文版 1. Submission of No Case to Answer It is a principle of law that the Defendant may
submit a no case to answer at the end of the Plaintiff’s case if the Defendant
is of the view that: 1) The Plaintiff had failed to establish a case in law; or
2) The evidence that was led by the Plaintiff is so unsatisfactory or
unreliable. In the case of Tan Kim Khuan v Tan KeeRead More…

Online Hearings in 2020 Jasmine Ha

IntroductionDue to the Covid-19 pandemic and the movement control order being imposed and implemented in Malaysia, the courts face several difficulties when it comes to conducting physical hearings and trials. To overcome this issue, some changes have been made in regards to the manner the hearings and trials would be conducted in the near future. That being said, Hearings and trials are being coRead More…

Online Hearings in Court – A New Era in the Covid 19 Pandemic

Courts of Judicature (Amendment) Act 2020, Subordinate Courts (Amendment) Act 2020 And Subordinate Courts Rules (Amendment) Act 2020 The long awaited amendments to the Court
of Judicature Act 1964 (CJA 1964), Subordinate Courts Act 1948 (SCA 1948)
and Subordinate
Courts Rules Act 1955 (SCRA 1955) have finally been gazetted. They are Act
A1621 – Courts of Judicature (Amendment) Act 2020, Act Read More…

Circumstances Post is Used to Deliver Court Documents

Versi Bahasa Malaysia 中文版 Personal service not required unless there is express provision or is required by order of the Court. (O.62, r. 1)When personal service required (O.62, r. 1)1.     (1) Any document which by virtue of these Rules is required to be served on any person need not be served personally unless the document is one which by an express provision of Read More…

Court Documents that Need to be Served by Hand

Versi Bahasa 中文版 1. Introduction: Personal Service 1.1 Required when it is specifically provided for by the Rules of Court 2012 or by an order of the court. 1.2 It is effected by leaving a copy of the document with the person to be served.  The process server must show the person to be served,   in the case where the document is a writ or other originating process; the Read More…

What should students expect from an attachment?

Average number of attachment students The ratio of lawyers to attachment students
per annum in Alex Chang & Co (hereinafter ACC) can be put down as 2:12
(sometimes more). Since ACC is not a relatively large firm, the number of
attachment students who joined ACC each year can be said to be rather high. In
contrast, applying the same mathematical ratio of 2:12 to larger law firms,
there woulRead More…

discharge bankruptcy

Discharge of Bankruptcy at the Discretion of DGI S33A and 33B Insolvency Act and Case Study

The Act in brief [1]
S33A of Insolvency Act confers the power of discharge of bankrupt to Director
General of Insolvency (DGI). The section says that as the DGI may, in his
discretion but subject to section 33B, issue a certificate discharging a
bankrupt from bankruptcy after five years of the adjudgment of bankruptcy
order. [2]
A notice of his intention to issue the certificate should be Read More…

What comes after liquidation

中文版 Does the company cease operations immediately? [1]
A company can enter into liquidation procedure in two manners, by voluntary liquidation andmembers’ voluntary
winding up (Section 432(2)(a) of the Companies Act 2016);creditors’ voluntary
winding up (Section 432(2)(b) of the Companies Act
2016) compulsory liquidation (Section
464 of the Companies Act 2016). [2]
In each cRead More…

Going concern or scrap

中文版 Why is it more worthwhile to sell the company as a going concern rather than selling the assets as scrap? To discuss this question,
we need to know what sale of going concern and sale of assets are as well as
how these two different with each other.             Going concern is a business which is
still operating. AccordinRead More…

Hearings at the Court of Appeal during the RMCO

was my first-time visiting the Court of Appeal and I have been privileged
enough to be given this chance to visit it during the RMCO, hence, there are a
few rules we had to abide by. My first court experience was everything I
imagined and more. I witnessed first-hand how counsels present their cases
right before the judges. Moreover, I even got to assist my colleague, Miss Ng
in handing over tRead More…


Judgment Debtor Summons

Versi Bahasa 中文版 Introduction to Judgment Debtor Summons A judgment debtor summon is an enforcement procedure for the
recovery or payment of money. For instance, if a defendant fails or refuses to pay a judgment sum
worth RM25000, then a judgment debtor summons will be taken out against the
defendant. The defendant will then be known as the judgment debtor who is the
person agaRead More…