Pupillage Attachment Internship Programme Malaysia

Pupillage Attachment & Internship Programs, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

In Malaysia, many young lawyers who are reading their undergraduate  law degree like to  join the legal firms as attachment students to gain exposure.   After graduation  and completing the bar vocational course/ certificate in legal practice, as the case may be, they will read in the chambers of a master as a  pupil (or a chambering student).

To apply as a pupil or an intern please click here.

These are the Admission Requirements prepared by the Bar Council  and   you may also find  the Pupillage Handbook published by the Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee useful.

At Alex Chang & Co we offer pupils  in chambers and attachment students  a unique opportunity  to undergo their Pupillage (or Chambering as it is also known as locally), the pupils can take advantage of the size of our office to experience many tasks ‘hands on’.  All pupils will have to go through a short period of assessed mini-pupillage for the benefit of the pupils and the firm.  To apply please click here.

Law students from various universities are welcome  to  undergo a short attachment or internship or mini-pupillage during their holidays.  One attachment student/ Mini-Pupil Peggy San  commented:

Peggy San
Peggy San

…Besides work we had much fun during the attachment with the colleagues in various social settings like karaoke, roadtrip to Penang, farewell dinners, not forgetting also the ‘celebratory’ dinners with the clients. It surely and definitely strengthened our friendship and heightened the togetherness in us, creating a happy community to work in…

…I have mentioned this to Mr Alex Chang, the training made me an inch further from being a daddy’s girl and I am proud to be where I stand now… read more please click here

Kenny Lau‘s comment:

Kenny Lau Thai Yik
Kenny Lau Thai Yik

…It’s not just about learning to do legal work, it’s also about observing day-to-day running of a legal business.

It’s fun and thrilling to have worked with a great corporate lawyer and been able to observe real trials in court. A lot of law students fascinate to join big law firms for the sake of the feeling of approval, or admiration. But too often, as I heard and saw from the experience of my peers, they’re tied with office work, and often deprived of their much needed real-life experience in observing court trial, or their communication with their bosses are too often impersonal, which deprived them of the opportunity to clear some doubts about the mystified workings of law firms… read more please click here

Read more from our pupils and  attachment students, click on a photo below…

Our office is located at Megan Avenue 1, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A few minutes’ walk from the Kuala Lumpur City Centre- KLCC.