Rotary Club of Pudu Speakers’ Profiles and Outlines of Talks

Rotary Club of Pudu Speakers’ Profiles RY2015/16 & RY 2013/ 14

At the Rotary Club of Pudu we invite a speaker to our weekly luncheon meetings  usually held at the Shangri-la Hotel Kuala Lumpur on Mondays  at 1230pm.

The speakers will  deliver a 20-minute talk at our luncheon  meetings  that will be attended by about 25-30 members of our club and guests of our club.

The members of the Rotary Club of Pudu comprise distinguished  businessmen and women  as well  professionals from various fields.

These are some profiles of some of  the speakers together with an outline of their talk, if available,  delivered  in the Rotary Year 2013- 2014 when Alex was the president of the club.   For the charity projects undertaken during Alex’s time, click here.   The photos and text of the speakers will be featured in the  weekly club bulletins  of the Rotary Club of Pudu.

Speakers for Rotary Year 2015-16

Speaker for June 27, 2016, President Dato Muslim Ayob
Subject:  President’s Swan Song

Speaker for June 13, 2016, Marc J. Daniel & Joellyne Selvaraj, MD Physiotherapy
Subject:  Arthritis – You Have It

Speaker for June 6, 2016, Mr Bunn Nagara, Institute of Strategic and International Studies
Subject:  The Rise of China

Speaker for May 30, 2016, Mr Ang Kok Heng
Subject:  The Myths Of Investment

Speaker for May 23, 2016, Mr Sarkunan Subramaniam, Managing Director of Knight Frank Malaysia
Subject: Enhancing Property Value Through Property Management

Speaker for May 9, 2016, Mr Justice Dato Mah Weng Kwai, Retired Judge of the Court of Appeal Malaysia
Subject:  Life As A Judge: An Inside Story

Speaker for Apr 18, 2016, Mr Lee Yee Seng, Malaysia Lysosomal Diseases Association
Subject:  Every Life Counts

Speaker for Apr 11, 2016, Tan Sri Zainal Rampak, WIT College
Subject:  Skill Training

Speaker for Arp 4, 2016, Rotaractor Marcus Chan
Subject:  RYLA – Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

Speaker for Mar 28, 2016, Rtn Iswaran
Subject:  Classification Talk

Speaker for Mar 21, 2016, AG Teoh
Subject:  TBA

Speaker for Mar 14, 2016, Dr David Gonsalvez
Subject:  Supply Chain Innovation

Speaker for Mar 7, 2016, PP Hanns Sim
Subject:   The information, ramifications and opportunities in Iran after the sanctions have been fully lifted

Speaker for Feb 29, 2016, His Excellency, Mr Ibrahim Ansar, High Commissioner of Sri Lanka
Subject:  Sri Lanka and its Relations with South East Asia

Speaker for Feb 22, 2016, Dr Michael Chan
Subject:  Want To Be Out of Pain Naturally

Speaker for Feb 15, 2016, Mrs Dian
Subject:  Second Chance to Good Health

Speaker for Jan 18, 2016, Mr. Jerryson Abraham Doss
Subject:  The Starfish Project

Speaker for Jan 4, 2016,  Dr. Koay Chew Aik
Subject:  The Sustainable Strategy To Outsmart Aedes Mosquitoes For Dengue Control

Speaker for Dec 21, 2015, PDG Dr Rajindar Singh
Subject:  Public Image

Speaker for Dec 14, 2015, Mr KH Wong
Subject:  Our Body Is 75% Water, What Water Are You Made Of?

Speaker for Dec 7, 2015, Mr Daniel Kane
Subject:  Latter Day Saint Charities

Speaker for Nov 16, 2015, PDG David Ho
Subject:  CLP- The RC Petaling Jaya’s Experience

Speaker for Nov 9, 2015, AG Teoh Kwan Swee
Subject:  From 8 to 80: the MDR Story

Speaker for Nov 2, 2015, PDG Lim Kok Beng, Rotary Club of Pudu
Subject:  Yayasan Kelab Kelab Rotary Malaysia

Speaker for Oct 26, 2015, PDG Leslie Salehuddin,  Rotary Club of Gombak
Subject:  End Polio Now: We are almost there

Speaker for Oct 19, 2015, Ms Janet Ang
Subject:  Corporate Identity Branding

Speaker for July 27, 2015, Mr Riccardo Ferrarotti
His Profile
Subject:  Italian Cheeses


Speakers for Rotary Year 2013-14

Week 10:  Speaker for Sept 9, 2013, Mr Paul Kwong
The Outline of his Talk and CV
Subject: Adjudication as an Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanism- The Construction Industry Payment & Adjudication Act 2012 (CIPAA)

Week 13: Speaker for October 7, 2013, Dr Ernest Wong
short synopsis of his Talk and Profile
Subject: Achieving Peak Performance – DNA, Personality & Character

Week 14: Speaker for October 14, 2013, Mr Sandy
short synopsis of his Talk and Profile
Subject: Creating Wealth and Profit Opportunities for 2014

Week 15: Speaker for October 21, 2013, PP Sudhaharan Nair
slides of his Talk and Profile
Subject: The Big C- How Does It AffectUs

Week 16: Speaker for October 28, 2013, Mr James Nayagam
slides of his Talk
Subject: Human Trafficking

Week 17: Speaker for Nov 4, 2013, PP Leslie Yeap,
The slides of his Talk
Subject: Group Study Exchange D3300 to D2680, Hyogo Japan

Week 18: Speaker for Nov 11, 2013, PP Ananda Sundram
The slides of his Talk and Profile
Subject: Group Study Exchange RY2012/13 District 3300 (Malaysia) to District 9810 (Melbourne)

Week 19: Speaker for Nov 18, 2013, PP Bindi Rajasegaran
slides, text of his Talk and Profile
Subject: Rotary Peace Fellowship

Week 20: Speaker for Nov 25, 2013, PP Robin Tay
slides of his Talk and Profile
Subject: Rotary Walks to End Polio

Week 21: Speaker for Dec 2, 2013, PP Dato Muslim
The relevant
Subject: Aussies Outback Trip

Week 22: Speaker for Dec 9, 2013, Mrs June Yeoh
Subject: Highlights of the YWCA

Week 23: Speaker for Dec 16, 2013, PP Tan Sri Soong Siew Hoong 
Subject: My Rotary Journey

Week 25: Speaker for Dec 30, 2013, Mr Leonard Chua
The slides of his Talk and
The relevant photos
Subject: The Man Who Died Twice

Week 26: Speaker for Jan 6, 2014, Ms Elaine Lim
The slides of her
Talk and Profile
The relevant photos
Subject: The Pursuit of Happiness, Illusive or Attainable?

Week 27: Speaker for Jan 13, 2014, Ms Camelia Tudose
Subject: Romania- The Land of Myths & Legends

Week 28: Speaker for Jan 19, 2014, Datuk Dr Mohinder Singh
Subject: District Governor’s Official Address

Week 29: Speaker for Jan 27, 2014, Ms Pauline Wong
Subject: Empowering People with Learning Disabilities

Week 31: Speaker for Feb 10, 2014, Mr Moses Choo
The slides of his
Talk and Profile
The relevant photos
Subject: Blindness & The Way Forward

Week 33: Speaker for Feb 17, 2014, Datuk Eric Chong
The slides of his
Talk and Profile
The relevant photos
Subject: Yes You Can

Week 42: Speaker for May 19, 2014, Mr Ethan Chang
Subject: Guarding & Monitoring Command Centre in Malaysia

Week 43: Speaker for May 26, 2014, Mr Lim Chin Hooi
slides of his Talk and Profile
Subject: Efficient Approach In Energy Saving Today