A quick resolution to my Bankruptcy Annulment

Bankruptcy Discharge Reviews

I have been plagued by an oversight which made me a bankrupt sometime ago.

Before I came to Alex Chang & Co. I was trying to for a few months to talk to the officers of the Director General of Insolvency for advice on how to go about getting an annulment of my bankruptcy status.

I was given different advice by different officers on a string of issues relating to my bankruptcy, such as the proof of debts to be filed by various creditors, the mortgage with the bank, my car loan and other issues.

After I came to see Alex Chang & Co., I have received very clear advice and was able to obtain the relevant consent from the Director General of Insolvency to enable me to file an application for the annulment.

I would like to record a word of thanks to the team in Alex Chang & Co. in speedily assisting me in the resolution of my bankruptcy issues and ultimately obtaining an order for the Annulment of my bankruptcy.

Thank you.


Aug 2020

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