Got a Nice Discount then Annulment Discharged from Bankruptcy

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I am a Malaysian working overseas for a number of years now. Some time back while I was trying to make an online transaction with my Malaysian bank account, I discovered my account was frozen and upon further enquiries with the said bank, I discovered I had been made a bankrupt. I then contacted the office of the Director General of Insolvency. I encountered much difficulties for a few months in trying to get in touch with the officers of the Director General of Insolvency for advice on how to go about getting an annulment of my bankruptcy status, especially without needing to come back to Malaysia.

I was fortunate to make contact with Alex Chang & Co. I received very clear advices and was able to obtain the relevant consent from the Director General of Insolvency to enable me to file an application for the annulment. In addition, I would like to record a special thanks to Alex Chang & Co. for having assisted me to negotiate and obtain a huge discount from my various creditors.

Being a Malaysian working overseas, I was worried that I may be required to return to Malaysia for the whole process and for this, I am very grateful that I did not have to do so and Alex Chang & Co successfully managed the whole process on my behalf.

A BIG THANK YOU to Mr.Chang and his team, especially Ms.Chow and Janice, for their very professional services and assistance rendered to me to obtain a sizeable discount from my creditors and subsequent annulment of my bankruptcy.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully


Feb 2021

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