Alex Chang Huey Wah

Alex Chang Huey Wah Partner Profile

Mr Alex Chang  Huey Wah completed  his secondary education in  Singapore at the Hwa Chong Institution and later  read laws at the Queen Mary College, University of London. Author
He is the Advisory Editor of the Companies Winding Up Handbook, first published  by  the  Malayan Law Journal in 1998, the  second edition was published in 2003;  and has been a contributorRead More…

Lim Wen Mi Legal Assistant

Miss Lim Wen Mi’s first degree was not law, she read International Finance at the University Malaysia Sabah she then set her mind on becoming a lawyer motivated by her desire to give a voice to those disadvantaged by poverty, social class and inequality of starting gate, she aspires to provide legal representation to those vulnerable groups in the society.  Miss Lim pursued a law dRead More…