Send in the SEAL Team To Extract Your Lost Funds


The Seal Team
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1      Once you have obtained a judgment, you are only HALF way there, collecting the judgment sum is another  uphill task.

2      When your money is sitting in debtors’  bank account   you feel like sending in someone to ‘extract’ these monies from your debtors.

Judgment Obtained

3      We have obtained a judgment for the supplies of medicine to a Doctor at a  clinic.  Even after obtaining a judgment,  they have ignored our telephone calls, avoided our sales personnel.


4      “Send in the SEAL TEAM” was recommended by Mr Chang and according to him, usually the debtors would make the payment shortly after the SEAL TEAM arrives on site.

5      The SEAL TEAM is the team of  officers  led by the Court Bailiff of Sheriff, arriving at the debtors’ premises to take inventory (stock) of the goods belonging to the debtors and setting an auction date usually 14 days after  the  SEAL  TEAM  arrives.

Extraction by the SEAL TEAM

6      Planning for the ‘extraction’ of the stranded ‘monies’ in the hands of your debtors is like a military operation,  the solicitors have to plan so many things prior to the SEAL TEAM touching the ground.    Logistics,  local intelligence,  also getting ready a  security team and of course a backup team.

7      My manager reported to me that initially the Doctor and her spouse did not take the ‘intrusion’ very well and questioned  the authority of the Bailiff entering her clinic.

7.1     After showing her all the relevant court documents she calmed down and co-operated with the process of seizure (sealing) of her clinic to prevent her from removing the assets in the clinic so that they are out of reach of the auctioneer.

7.2    A security guard was also posted at the entrance  to ensure that our prize was intact.

8      In our case, the full sum including interest and costs were paid in full the day after the SEAL TEAM arrived.  We successfully extracted our package.


9      We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to SEAL TEAM from the Honourable Court and  Messrs Alex Chang & Co for executing this Judgment beautifully securing our hard earned cash.   The whole operation was executed swiftly  efficiently with laser guided precision.    Thank you again.


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