Disclaimer Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website Electronic Communications


Disclaimer Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website and Electronic Communications

1  All access and  use of this website, including any form of  electronic communications with Alex CHANG & Co,   the firm constitutes your acceptance of the terms and conditions of this website.  The firm reserve the rights to amend the terms and conditions  of use of  this website at any time without notice.  Your access to site will be terminated if you are in   violation of the terms and conditions  herein.

2  The contents and information contained in this website is provided on an `as is’ basis and is of a  general nature for general application.  We do not intend to provide    legal advice    vide the information made available herein.

3 While  we have tried our best   to ensure the accuracy of   the information herein and reflect current legal updates, the firm shall not provide any warranty or guarantee as to  the accuracy, sufficiency, or completeness of the information or contents contained herein.

4 This website is not intended to solicit any business, clients, or entity.   Any information, feedback, request, and/or correspondence made, transferred, sent, or directed to this website does not in any way create a solicitor-client relationship.

5  We reserve all copyright of all   information and articles published   in this website; they  are the intellectual property  of the firm.  Any use or reproduction of the contents and information contained therein, other than for personal use, must obtain the prior written consent of the owners of this website.   If you should submit a query to us, you agree that we may publish your question and our answer in our website or during seminars conducted by the members of the Firm at the sole discretion of the Firm.

6  The firm shall not bear  responsibility for any loss, liability, or damage whether in contract, tort, negligence or otherwise arising from the access or use of this website and/or links affiliated with it. The firm also exclude liability for any consequential, indirect,  general or special loss or damage   that the users may suffer.

7  The firm reserves the right to change, add, or modify the contents and information contained in this website.

8 Users and/or clients are strongly advised to seek formal and specific advice from the   firm should they have any issues or enquiries in relation to the contents and information of this website.

9 This website may contain links to external internet sites or other website. In respect of such links, we are not responsible for the content or information contained in such sites as well as its privacy practices.  No link shall be made to this site without the firms prior written consent.

10 The firm may obtain and retain certain information about those who use and access this website.  Information obtained about users will remain confidential.  All reasonable endeavour will be made to protect the privacy of such information and to prevent disclosure of that information, however the users accept the risk that all electronic communications may be intercepted by third parties.

11  All reasonable precautions have been made to ensure that the content and materials on this website are free from viruses or other materials that may   disrupt  the effective operation of  your  computer. We accept no responsibility whatsoever for any direct or indirect loss   caused by or resulting from interference with or damage to your  computer or mobile devices  occurring in connection with the use of this website.  Please consult your IT security consultants  before downloading any information provided on the website.

12 The terms and conditions of this website are effective until terminated by us. The firm reserves the rights to deny    access to this site at any time without notice. In the event of termination, all restrictions imposed herein in relation to intellectual property rights, privacy, and liability continue to be in force and binding on all users.

13 This website, including the terms and conditions, are subject to and governed by the law of Malaysia and the users agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the High Court of Malaya sitting at Kuala Lumpur or a venue and jurisdiction at the sole discretion  of the Firm.

14  The firm reserves the right to change, add, or modify the contents and information contained in this website.  We may revise this disclaimer/ terms and conditions of use  from time-to-time. The revised version(s)   will apply to the use of our website from the date of the publication  of such revisions on our website.  Please visit  this page   on a regular basis to ensure you are familiar with the updated  version.

15 This disclaimer, together with our other  policies, terms and conditions published on our website constitutes the entire agreement between you and us in relation to your use of our website, and all previous agreements are  superseded .

16 Any electronic communication sent to us may not be secured and thus, may be intercepted  by parties not intended to be recipients.  Hence, users are requested not to send any  confidential information electronically and if you should choose to do so, you agree,  understand and undertake  the inherent  risk involved.

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