About Alex Chang & Co


Founded by Alex Chang Huey Wah Esq.  in 1993 Alex Chang & Co. remain a boutique law firm that serves a select groups of clients in various industries.


We pride ourselves in assisting our individual and corporate clients around the world to safeguard THEIR INVESTMENT.

Applying our experience, energy and expertise  to every project we accept, the members of our firm are dedicated to your success.


Our clientele   consist of different sectors of the industries: Auto, Building Materials, Chemicals, Explosives, Inks, Logistics, Printing, Tires…

Foreign Clients: Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Singaporean, Thai…

In litigation, time is of the essence. Call us and we will show you how.


Recovery After Winding Up And Recovery Just Before Debtors Going South

清盘之后的债务追讨以及在债务人财务状态恶化前的债务追讨 Many lawyers can recover a debt for you. 许多律师可以为您追收债务 But how many can recover very substantial sums from these two types of companies: 但是有多少人可以从这两种类型的公司中收复非常可观的款项: 1  a wound up company and; 2  a company that has already ceased operation, retrenched all their workers. 1一个清盘公司;及 2一家已经停止运营,并且裁退所有员工的公司 Alex Chang & Co did these feats for us. Alex […]

Discount Annul Discharge then Pay Later

I was one of the three guarantors. The creditor took action and I became a bankrupt. Totally lost, Mr Chang helped me to obtain a discount of the settlement sum, got a further agreement with the lawyers of the creditor to allow me to get an annulment/ discharge FIRST, then pay the balance by instalments… […]

Full Settlement from a Company that was Wound Up

1 We were trading with one of the world’s top healthcare product manufacturers and the outstanding debts from the Debtor ran into millions. Initial Settlement 2 Shortly after we have instructed Messrs Alex Chang & Co. to file a Companies Winding-Up Petition, we received a proposal for settlement of the full sum by an instalment […]


Got a Nice Discount then Annulment Discharged from Bankruptcy

I am a Malaysian working overseas for a number of years now. Some time back while I was trying to make an online transaction with my Malaysian bank account, I discovered my account was frozen and upon further enquiries with the said bank, I discovered I had been made a bankrupt. I then contacted the […]


Mr Chang the Debtor Whisperer to Make Him Pay

“English Version” “债务人语者”张先生成功让债务人偿还债务 Magic Words and Personal Attention Got Us Our Money in Lightning Speed魔术语和关注个人使我们以闪电般的速度得到偿还 One of our customers has been evading us, all the letters we sent were returned unclaimed, phone lines to his office were disconnected and service of the court document to his office became a nightmare.1我们的一位客户一直在逃避我们,我们发送的所有信件都无人认领地被退回,他办公室的电话线被切断了,并且往他办公室送达法院文件是一场噩梦。 When we were about to […]

Meticulous Work Spectacular Result

“English Version” Meticulous Work Spectacular Result细活出非凡成果 They are meticulous and their results are spectacular他们一丝不苟,结果令人瞩目 Lawyers there are many types.律师有很多类型。 We need the type that finds us a solution to our problems, shows us light at the end of the tunnel, warns us that there is a looming danger of a head on collision.  Alex Chang […]