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2 Thoughts on Rental Arrears Eviction Query
    6 Jun 2017

    Dear Sir

    My question is as follows:
    The property is a link factory. According to the Tenancy Agreement, if tenant will to terminate the tenancy before due, the two months rental deposit will be forfeited as compensation. Today, the tenant wrote to us for early termination, but will only handover the unit on 31st July without paying June & July rental.

      8 Jun 2017

      Dear Mr Lee

      Thank you for your mail.

      Our quick answer is, have you checked whether there are damage done to your property that needed to be repaired? What about outstanding utilities especially from the power company (TNB) which can be very substantial.

      How many more months to the end of the agreement?

      Our suggestion is to take immediate legal action before Before the Tenant disappears without paying any compensation or your utilities bills.

      Thanks again.
      Best Regards

      Alex Chang
      Alex CHANG & Co
      Cell/ Whatsapp/ Viber +60122273289
      HK: +852-8170-3389

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