Bankruptcy Discharge passport go anywhere anytime Full Settlement Creditor

Discount Annul Discharge then Pay Later

Versi Bahasa 中文版 I was one of the three directors in a company. What was a supposed happy and proud achievement and arrangement ultimately led me down the rabbit hole that is bankruptcy. I was made bankrupt in 2018 following a default in payments by the other directors who were managing the loan, a loan I was involuntarily made a guarantor of. Life as I knew it changed right beforeRead More…

Bankruptcy and Your Existing Car Housing Loan

中文版 Very often we get this question:  I am a bankrupt and I am servicing an existing car/ housing loan, the bank did not repossess the car/ foreclose on the house,   shall I continue to service the car/ housing loan? If a person is made bankrupt in the year 2016 and the car/ housing loan has been running since 2015 for 5 years, the catch is that once you have finished servicing thRead More…

Discharge of Bankruptcy for Malaysian Working Overseas

Versi Bahasa 中文版 If you have recently found out that you have been adjudged a bankrupt these are the facts you must be aware of: 1  You may have difficulties renewing your PASSPORT when it expires; 2  You can instruct us to handle your discharge while you are overseas, if you wish to fully settle your debts (click here to find out more),  we can help you to preRead More…

Bankruptcy Discharge passport go anywhere anytime Full Settlement Creditor

Bankruptcy Discharge Full Settlement Creditor

Bankruptcy Discharge of Full Settlement Creditor
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If you wish to obtain a Discharge from Bankruptcy after Payment in Full to the Judgment Creditors.
You need to1 Obtain a letter of full and final settlement from the Judgment Creditors who “made you bankrupt”. Please do NOT proceed to make payment unless you have performed all the steps;
2 Negotiate for a lesser sRead More…

7 Tips on Bankruptcy in Malaysia

How Do I get out of a Bankruptcy via Discharge or Annulment?
Let our 30-years of experience, end your bankruptcy misery. See our happily discharged clients Other satisfied experiences Annulment Discharge
How bankruptcy is terminated
Some innocent folks, trusted the wrong people and were unwittingly made bankrupt. Some folks’ businesses went south and were made bankrupt. These are the paths Read More…

Should the Creditors file a Bill of Costs after making a debtor Bankrupt

Some creditors face a dilemma, shall we file a bill of costs after the debtors have been made a bankrupt?
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A quick answer: in the absence of a bill of costs, the costs that were incurred for the filing of the bankruptcy application cannot be recovered, even if there are any assets in the estate of the bankrupt. Unless you are certain that there are some assets belonging to Read More…