Anton Piller Injunctions Court Procedures Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

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Anton Piller injunctions are court orders that allows the use of reasonable force to enter the premises of the defendants to secure properties/ documents in fear that it will be destroyed before trial.

It is usually filed by way of an ex parte application.

The first reported case of this type handled by our firm at the Kuala Lumpur High Court Malaysia, is LOO MEE DI V. BIORAY CORPORATION (M) SDN. BHD. & ORS. [1995] 4 CLJ 69; [1995] 4 BLJ 325

Our client was originally holding 50% shares in the Company Bioray Corporation, the other 50% being held by another shareholder.   One day, our client found that her shareholding was reduced to 9%…  An Anton Piller injunction was applied for on an ex parte basis to compel the company secretary to produce the minutes books for inspection as our client denied agreeing to the increase in share capital and the appointment of additional directors.

The other director tried to set aside the ex parte order but did not succeed.

See also Mareva Injunctions.

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