General Questions FAQ

General FAQs

Questions related to Debt Recovery and Companies winding up, 218 Notice.

  1. How long would it take to  recover my money, secrets of debt recovery in Malaysia?
  2. How to Wind Up a debtor Company?
  3. How to Prove that the Company is Insolvent?
  4. Must I obtain a Judgment BEFORE filing a winding up petition against my debtors?
  5. What is a Compulsory Winding Up?
  6. What Happens After the Winding Up?
  7. Can an unsecured creditors  get paid ahead of the Bankers?


Other Areas of Law

  1. What is Summary Judgment?
  2. What is Bankruptcy?
  3. Should the creditors file a Bill of Costs after making a debtor Bankrupt?
  4. What is Writ of Seizure and Sale?


On In House Seminars

  1. Do we give any public or in house seminars on Winding Up?  Yes we do.


Questions Frequently Asked at the Seminars

Due to the nature of our business, we are not able to provide advice on the net and therefore if you have a specific questions, please fill up this form  so that we may address your questions.  For the questions which we have already provided the answers, please click on the links.

  1. Can we wind up our customers before getting a judgment?
  2. If we wind up our debtors do we have to let the bankers take their shares first?
  3. What do we get as the unsecured creditors in the distribution?
  4. What is the best way to recover my outstanding rentals?
  5. If my tenants refuse to move out what can I do to him?

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