As the full moon rises over the horizon in Johor state, We wish everyone a beautiful night, May you reap a bountiful harvest in this mid-autumn, and those In the decades that will follow. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival. 明月高挂
照亮中秋 我们祝你
中秋快乐。 Read More…

A quick resolution to my Bankruptcy Annulment

I have been plagued by an oversight which made me a bankrupt sometime ago. Before I came to Alex Chang & Co. I was trying to for a few months to talk to the officers of the Director General of Insolvency for advice on how to go about getting an annulment of my bankruptcy status. I was given different advice by different officers on a string of issues relating to my bankruptcy, sucRead More…

Mediation SOP Court Online

Operating Procedure for Mediation at the Court Mediation Center Pre-Mediation: Fill in the consent form for mediation which can be found on the relevant court website. Then, email your request to mediate to the mediation center involved. The mediation center will contact the parties involved by email or phone.The parties must send the following information to the mediation center through Read More…

Selamat Hari Raya 2020

Wishing all our Muslim Friends and family. Sending you my warm wishes full of love, peace and prosperity. Hope you enjoy the festivities “remotely” and have a great time! We count our blessings to be able to send and receive this greeting in an unprecedented time… Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir dan Batin!
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Respective or Respectable – A Mystery in Malaysia

A Malaysian mystery is this “I am happy to
work for your respective firm…” The word, ‘Respective’ according to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary
is an adjective to be used before a noun. It is defined as, “belonging or
relating separately to each of the people or things already mentioned”. In
other words, ‘Respective’ brings the
meaning of making a comparison to eachRead More…

Yong Jei Beng

A Brand-New Experience in 21 Days – Yong Jei Beng

21 days was not too long for an attachment, but it was not too short either. It was my first and only attachment I ever engaged in and I would say it was very informative. If you are reading this, let me share a bit of my personal experience . I would like to grab this opportunity to thank Mr. Chang, Miss. Lim Wen Mi, and all other staffs in Alex Chang & Co (ACC) for being supportive and hRead More…

Winding up period extended 21 days 6 months

You Can Issue a Demand but you must wait 6 months to sue Nuclear Bomb  1 During the Movement Control Order (MCO), on April 10, 2020, our Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, the Honourable Datuk Alexander Nanta Linggi  struck  a nuclear bomb into the hearts of millions of creditors in the country:   you can issue a Statutory Notice  of Demand but can onRead More…

Police Arrest MCO Bail Plead Guilty Mitigate Chinese

What Happens When You Are Arrested During The MCO 您在行动管制期间被逮捕会怎么样 Effective from March 18, 2020, Malaysia officially implemented the Movement Control Order (the “MCO”). In general, a police officer may arrest the violators of the MCO under: 从2020年3月18日起,马来西亚正式实施了行动管制令(“MCO”)。一般而言,警务人员可Read More…

Alex Chang Huey Wah

Alex Chang Huey Wah Partner Profile

Mr Alex Chang  Huey Wah completed  his secondary education in  Singapore at the Hwa Chong Institution and later  read laws at the Queen Mary College, University of London.
He is the Advisory Editor of the Companies Winding Up Handbook, first published  by  the  Malayan Law Journal in 1998, the  second edition was published in 2003;  and has been a contributor to tRead More…

Police Arrest MCO Bail Plead Guilty Mitigate

What Happens When You Are Arrested During The MCO For Bahasa Malaysia version please click here For Chinese version 中文版 please click here Effective from March 18, 2020, Malaysia officially implemented the Movement Control Order (the “MCO”). In general, a police officer may arrest the violators of the MCO under: 1) Obstructing Public Servant In Discharge Of His Public FunctioRead More…

Lim Wen Mi Legal Assistant

Miss Lim Wen Mi’s first degree was not law, she read International Finance at the University Malaysia Sabah she then set her mind on becoming a lawyer motivated by her desire to give a voice to those disadvantaged by poverty, social class and inequality of starting gate, she aspires to provide legal representation to those vulnerable groups in the society.  Miss Lim pursued a law dRead More…

Khor Wei Jun

An Unforgettable Summer Attachment June Khor Wei Jun

An Unforgettable Summer Attachment
My one month long internship experience in this firm was indubitably nothing like I had expected. Being involved in the Preparation for a Defamation Law Suit
A particularly memorable and rewarding experience was my involvement and participation in the preparation and discussion of a defamation case leading up to trial.  
It was eye-opening to perceive howRead More…

Default clause instalment scheme full payment creditors debtors Malaysia

Default Clause In Instalment Payments A default clause in a contract provides that actions can be taken by the innocent (non-breaching/ defaulting) party in the event of default by the  party in breach, usually the debtor. Default occurs when one party to a contract fails to perform their obligations/ duties under the contract or fulfil the contract terms,  commonly known as a breRead More…

Chai Hui Wen

My experience at Alex Chang & Co. Chai Hui Wen

Firstly, I would like to express my gratefulness to Mr. Chang, for giving me a chance to do internship at Alex Chang & Co. Also, I would like to apologize for keep changing my internship period, (I am terribly sorry for that and caused inconvenience) thank you Mr. Chang to make it flexible! In these two weeks, I have really learnt a lot. First and most importantly, research skills. Mr. ChaRead More…


MOVEMENT CONTROL ORDER The Movement Control Order (MCO) announced by the Prime Minister of Malaysia on 16th March 2020, to be implemented throughout the period of 18th to 31st March 2020 which now being extended for another fourteen days, to 14th April 2020. As the name suggests, the implementation of MCO was to control the movement of individuals from one place to another Read More…

Coronavirus Covid 19 Movement Control Order Malaysia 2020

Re-Opening of Courts May 13, 2020 A Conditional Movement Control Order (“CMCO”) has been implemented and taken into effect on 13th May 2020, which allows the re-opening of Courts. However, Strict Operating Procedure (“SOP”) and guidelines are to be followed in reference to Circular that was issued by the Chief Registrar of the Federal Court.  Read more on our short article: A tastRead More…

An Opportunity to Witness the Execution of a Writ of Seizure and Sale by Tan Jo Lynn

Enforcement of Judgment Sum via Writ of
Seizure & Sale Once judgment is obtained in your favour against
the Judgment Debtor, the Judgment Debtor shall obey the terms of judgment and
where debt and other costs are to be paid by the Judgment Debtor, the party
shall settle the judgment sum. Upon failure to do so, the Judgment Creditor may
file an application for writ of seizure and sale whereRead More…



5 Steps to Bankrupt Yourself vide a Housing Loan 房屋贷款可致使您破产的5个步骤 Step 1: Buy a House and get a loan 步骤1:购买房屋并获得贷款A happy couple, our clients, Mr and Mrs Tan (not their real names) bought a semi detached house in Penang in 2009 for RM1,000,000, he took out a loan of RM900,000 and diligently paid the loan for 3 glorious years. 我Read More…