Debtors not paying? or defaulting ? Give your debtors Jail time.

Put them behind bars.
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“I have spent lots of money to obtain a judgment but I cannot get any recovery…”
How do you get “assurance” that when the court makes an order, you can get paid?
At times when the debtors do not comply with the court order what can you do?
To resolve problems like these,  the matter highlighted below, we have build in  a penal indorsement into  Read More…

7 Tips on Bankruptcy in Malaysia

How Do I get out of a Bankruptcy via Discharge or Annulment?
Let our 30-years of experience, end your bankruptcy misery. See our happily discharged clients Other satisfied experiences Annulment Discharge
How bankruptcy is terminated
Some innocent folks, trusted the wrong people and were unwittingly made bankrupt. Some folks’ businesses went south and were made bankrupt. These are the paths Read More…

Should the Creditors file a Bill of Costs after making a debtor Bankrupt

Some creditors face a dilemma, shall we file a bill of costs after the debtors have been made a bankrupt?
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A quick answer: in the absence of a bill of costs, the costs that were incurred for the filing of the bankruptcy application cannot be recovered, even if there are any assets in the estate of the bankrupt. Unless you are certain that there are some assets belonging to Read More…

After Companies Winding Up

What happens after compulsory winding-up?

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Distribution of Assets
From the assets of the wound up company (through a compulsory winding up)  available to be distributed  the unsecured creditors, the liquidator will: ensure that all the Federal Taxes, amounts owing to EPF and SOCSO are paid, after the Companies Winding Up Order. ensure that all company contracts (including employee contracts) are compRead More…

Alex Chang Companies Winding-Up Handbook

How do I wind up a company?

How do I wind up a company?
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If a company owes you money and has failed, refused (do not want to) or neglected (forgot) to pay the debt, you may apply to wind it up by presenting a petition to court pursuant to section 218(1)(e) of the Act. Related article “How to Get Paid By Winding Up Your Debtors!” A winding-up petition of this type is usually presented byRead More…

Alex Chang Companies Widing Up Handbook

How to Wind Up Your Debtors in Malaysian Court

Some General Information about winding up your debtors company in Malaysian court:
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Chinese Version how to wind up a company that owes you money in court; what is  compulsory winding up instead of voluntary winding up; what is Pay Up or Wind Up… what happens after winding up; This is only a guide.  Please do not rely on it without seeking your own legal or fiRead More…