Peggy San

Peggy San My Experience as an Attachment Student

Peggy San, 申碧溪 Before the commencement of my summer attachment in a legal firm, I was invited personally by Mr Alex Chang Huey Wah to attend his lecture as one of the lecturers at the Bar Council Ethics classes exclusively tailored for the pupils in chamber.  That was my first acquaintance in my ‘practical’ legal journey outside the university and I am glad to be given a rare opportunityRead More…

Kenny Lau Thai Yik

Kenny Lau Thai Yik Attachment Student

Joining Alex Chang & Co. has been another life lesson for me.
I can remember  many instances when  I was too eager to learn up new pratical knowledge about legal work when I was in the law school. It was during June 2013, a short but valuable experience working, or rather a learning experience, I would say, in this law firm. It’s not just about learning to do legal work, it’s also about obRead More…

Khor Wei Jun

An Unforgettable Summer Attachment

An Unforgettable Summer Attachment
My one month long internship experience in this firm was indubitably nothing like I had expected. Being involved in the Preparation for a Defamation Law Suit
A particularly memorable and rewarding experience was my involvement and participation in the preparation and discussion of a defamation case leading up to trial. It was eye-opening to perceive how the knoRead More…

Woo Kylene

The Power of Attachment

When George Washington was a boy, he liked to make up his own sayings. “Lean not on anyone” was one of them. I totally agree with this, as I grew older, a strong sense of self-reliance and responsibility towards my family, my friends developed. I applied for a few internships which included Alex Chang & Co. before coming back from the UK for my summer holidays. Filling in the Application Read More…

Johnathan Law Sze Han

The Perfect Drive

A drive is indeed a homonym and with quite a few definitions,
however, innuendo is intended and viewers discretion is advised for the following paragraphs.
Life is like driving a car. You will need to keep your eyes on the road and focus on the direction you are moving towards. However, never forget to look at your rear-view mirror. My journey started off the same as everyone else you see on thisRead More…

My first ever experience working in a law firm

Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” — Theodore Roosevelt My first ever experience working in a law firm. Though short, worth it.First of all, working in Alex Chang & Co really brought me out of my comfort zone. As the firm is located in the heart of KL, despite the distance, I travelled by public transport (LRT) for 1 hour 30 miRead More…

Everyday Is A New Learning Experience Nathan Hew Hoong Liang

Everyday Is A New Learning Experience – Nathan Hew Hoong Liang “The goal is not simply to ‘work hard, play hard.’ The goal is to make our work and our play indistinguishable.” – Simon Sinek I find this quote embodies the working environment at Alex Chang and Co (ACC). With a blink of an eye, I am closely coming to an end of my 2 weeks Attachment Period with ACC. Nevertheless, I will do Read More…

Athanasia Yolanda Bartolome

A Tale of a Tourist and Mareva Injunction

WHAT IS MAREVA INJUNCTION Mareva Injunction originated out of an English Court of Appeal case called Mareva Compania Naviera SA v International Bulkcarriers SA [1980]. The English Court of Appeal granted an injunction to prevent the monies being dissipated, hence the name ‘Mareva Injunction’. Elements for a court to grant a Mareva Injunction That being said, in order for the court to granRead More…

Emily Yong Ee Mae

My Without Prejudice Experience

My “Without Prejudice” Experience
Alex Chang: “In court, you will need to present an argument that is refreshing yet irresistible.”
To win a case in court, this is how a good lawyer takes to make his case.
Chapter I: SUITS
I bet most of the law students would have heard or have watched the popular US legal drama series – Suits. I have always admired the character, Harvey Specter who was an astonisRead More…

Chan Wei Li

Learning is best when put into practice

As a first-year law student, I was totally clueless and doubtful about this profession. Hence, I decided to search for an internship in a law firm during my three months’ break. The golden opportunity given by Mr Alex Chang definitely made a memorable mark in my life and gave a clearer image of what my future pathway ought to be.
Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely. – AugRead More…

Reflections on My Internship: A Once in a Life Time Experience

Many people think that books can teach a person everything they need to know, through thoughts and words. Senator Bernie Sanders, however, thinks that the best way to learn is not from books, nor computers, not even teachers, but from hands on experiences.
An Insider’s View
Internship is a career field from the “inside” to allow  the students to gain first-hand experiences in the day-to-day opRead More…

Chen Huan Yung Yugi

I Still Remember My First Day

I still remember my first day in Alex Chang & Co (ACC) like it was yesterday, writing this essay now I feel a little bit more mature and a little bit wiser compared to who I was before the attachment.
I had some working experience before this, sales assistant, clerk and even driver (yes I worked as a paid driver for a month), but none of it can compare to the experience I have had in ACC, afteRead More…

Eldarius Yong Zhen Jie

Exceeding Wildest Expectations

As I write this with “Claire De Lune” playing in the background, I strongly advise that you do the same. 
Go ahead, youtube it.  This letter can wait.
I call it a letter because this paper will be specifically dedicated to the Personnel in Alex Chang & Co.  Like many other attachment students, my stint as an attachment student started of with the unknown. I mean, what does one expect fRead More…

Chan Wai Lun

A Letter to My 17 Year Old Self

Legal Attachment An Introduction There was a song by Angela Aki called ‘A Letter To My 15 Year Old Self’. The song describes what the singer would have told her 15 year old self, which is to persevere despite having difficult moments in life. As I think about the lyrics of the song, I compared it to my own experiences during my legal attachment with  Alex Chang & Co. I Arrived Here, WRead More…

Lai Man Yee

Moot Court Attachment

It is hard for me to sum up my attachment/internship experience into just a few paragraphs as I could barely believe that my two months’ attachment at Alex Chang & Co. has come to an end. -Lai Man Yee
I still remember the very first day I stepped into the office, I was like a kid full of excitement and curiosity with all kinds of imagination flashing through my headRead More…

Lydia Leong Yin Qin

Is an Attachment in Legal Firms a Waste of Time? Lydia Leong Yin Qin

Is an Attachment in Legal Firms a Waste of Time? Self discipline is a learned behavior. Working at Alex Chang & Co has improved my  self discipline since I am working  in a firm unlike in  college days.   Some might tell   you  that   an attachment student would be doing    stapling, photocopying  and it is therefore a waste of time. On the other hand, in my opinion,  being pRead More…

Jenny Lee Jian Yee

Most Rewarding Attachment/ Internship Experience

What I did not Expect
An internship experience at Alex Chang & Co was my first; it was during the summer break between my first year and second year of law school. What I expected, obviously, was to apply my knowledge into the real world and gain more out of this period of time, however, what I didn’t expect was a strong bond of friendship between the fellow interns and co-workers throughouRead More…

Liong Wai How

Liong Wai How Attachment

从2016年3月21日起,我在张大律师楼开始了一个知识性的,开阔视野的,开心的,一个月职场实习。 在这一个月时间内,我尝试了许多新的体验与事务。例如,自己去从未去过的地方办事,呈交文件,做案件更新等等。这不但没有使我感到恐惧,反而使我下决心,一定要把事情做好。 在这,张大律师Read More…

Jasmine Khor Suan Khoon

Jasmine Khor Suan Khoon Attachment

“Ships at a distance have every man’s wish on board.”
– Zora Neale Hurston, from   “Their Eyes Were Watching God” “Their Eyes Were Watching God”    ricocheted  the sentiment that I had after embarking on the Certificate of Legal Practice  (CLP) course.   The years of day dreaming of  living a life as a lawyer is finally coming to an end as I am very much on the right trackRead More…

7 things you need to know about the mediation process

中文版 The Mediation Process in Malaysia  A. What is Mediation?  Mediation is a voluntary, solution-oriented form of alternative dispute resolution. This is where the parties to a dispute agree to resort to mediation, they may seek the assistance of an independent and impartial third party, a Mediator, who will facilitate communication and negotiation between the parties to Read More…

Jaryne Lam Hui Jun

Courts open cmco staggered

A taste of court’s hearing in the High Court of Kuala Lumpur during the
Conditional Movement Control Order (“CMCO”) After years of studying law, I have
never had the chance to step in to the High Court of Kuala Lumpur to witness
the court hearings with my own eyes, needless to say, sitting in the Open Court
with permission, being introduced as Mr Alex Chang’s pupil, I would say that I
was extrRead More…

Jason Chong Wai Zhe Alex Chang & Co

Jason Chong Wai Zhe Attachment

Frankly speaking, I absolutely had no knowledge about law as I had just graduated high school but my passion towards law is definitely beyond anyone’s imagination.
Therefore, I decided to take up this challenge to test myself and see if I could “survive” within this one month of student attachment program at Alex Chang & Co.   Fortunately, I’ve come to a conclusion thaRead More…

Rebecca Ong Chi Cheng

Best Working Attachment Experience

A Journey of Discovery
Going to the Palace of Justice in Putrajaya was  my favourite activity,   for  there were many discoveries  on every visit.   I  had the opportunity to listen  not only to Mr. Alex Chang’s  submission but also to his  experience,  jokes and kind advice, which were more than often thought provoking.  I dare say, if you ask, he will answer.   Be willing to leaRead More…

Leong Chan Hui

Mooting vs Litigation, Attachment Internship

Mooting in University v Litigation in  the Firm It has been a while since I  graduated from the university.   I will never forget neither the exam stress, nor  every joyful  moment  shared with my  fellow classmates  throughout the academic years.   The  thrill, the excitement, will always be remembered.   I  still  remember  vividly that we had been “forced” to participate  inRead More…

Norarifa A Rahman

Norarifa A Rahman Pupil

1 My journey in Alex Chang & Co started in March 2015. I was placed under the assessed mini-pupillage programme. Fortunately, both of us were in consensus ad idem and the rest is history. The Court of Appeal
2 Alex Chang & Co is the place where I started to experience being in a litigation/ dispute resolution firm. The preparation before going to court is definitely something which is verRead More…

Ooi Chia Rou

Ooi Chia Rou My Experience as an Attachment Student

I  have always perceived working in a law firm to be tedious and  mundane but every little piece of that misconception faded away as I started  my internship/  mini-pupillage/ attachment  with  Alex Chang & Co. The  common perception that people are stuck in is that a   internship/  mini-pupillage/ attachment is all about punching holes, stapling and binding documents and photocopyinRead More…

Maizatul Suhaila Zukifli

Maizatul Suhaila Zukifli Attachment & Pupillage

Maizatul Suhaila Binti Zukifli Being an attachment student in Alex Chang & Co’s Pupillage and Attachment Program is one exciting period of my life. This is my starting point where I try to take leave from my ‘comfort’ zone. During the attachment I challenged myself to improve and be more competitive. Besides, various task and instructions allowed me to experience new concepts especially inRead More…

An Eye Opening Attachment Internship Tasha Lim Yi Hui

It is my pleasure to summarise what I have gained from my internship/ attachment  at Alex Chang & Co. Even though I could not spend a longer period of internship/ attachment here, nevertheless my experience in Alex Chang & Co. was truly eye-opening. These experiences cannot be found by attending lectures or reading textbooks in Law school. The scale of this law firm is not big, as such, Read More…