A Real Taste in a Litigation Firm

Introduction “The gladdest moment in human life is a departure into unknown lands.” – Sir Richard Burton Being an attachment student for one month in Alex Chang & Co (ACC) is one of the most memorable experiences in my life. Instead of travelling around Europe during the summer break, fate blessed me by giving me an opportunity to venture into the legal settings through ACC. By veRead More…

Internship Experience During the Zoom-ing Era

My one-month internship period in Alex Chang & Co was definitely an unforgettable one, especially taking into account the fact it took place during the Covid-19 Pandemic. This pandemic has undoubtedly turned the world upside down, with a new string of Standard Operating Procedures set in place, such as the requirement of wearing a face mask in public, maintenance of social distancing and Read More…

Quest of a Shaolin Monk

The Background
Story of one Shaolin Monk This
is the tale of a quest for Shaolin kung fu in which a Shaolin monk is
undergoing training to learn kung fu from a master in the Shaolin institution.
The Shaolin monk has spent five years undergoing training for kung fu at the
institution under a master who has trained several other monks in the art and
practice of kung fu. The Shaolin monk who has Read More…

Baby Steps in ACC

As written by Charles Dickens in A Tale of Two Cities,
“It was the best of times, it was the
worst of times…”, this is the prologue of my journey in legal field. Covid-19
Pandemic Year 2020 has been a bad year for most of us, because
of the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic.  On
a contradictory note, year 2020 has been a fruitful year for me since I assumed
the role of a pupil in Read More…

What should students expect from an attachment?

Average number of attachment students The ratio of lawyers to attachment students
per annum in Alex Chang & Co (hereinafter ACC) can be put down as 2:12
(sometimes more). Since ACC is not a relatively large firm, the number of
attachment students who joined ACC each year can be said to be rather high. In
contrast, applying the same mathematical ratio of 2:12 to larger law firms,
there woulRead More…

‘Masa menjadi asas’ Nur Qamarynna Kamarudin

English Version Masa bergerak terlalu pantas dan artikel ini merupakan
tugasan terakhir yang perlu saya selesaikan  sebelum saya meninggalkan firma guaman ini.
Satu bulan yang sungguh mencabar namun sangat memberi inspirasi kepada saya
yang merupakan pelajar praktikal di Alex Chang & Co. Namun begitu, saya tetap
menikmati masa yang terluang  di sini
bagi menimba ilmu dan pengalamRead More…

‘Time is of the essence’

Versi Bahasa Melayu Time flew so fast and this essay is actually my last tick on my to-do list before I leave the firm. It has been a challenging yet inspiring one-month working as an attachment student at Alex Chang & Co. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my days working here and learnt a lot throughout the process. FIRST
THING FIRST On my very first day, I learnt that every second that I goRead More…

The Importance of Court Deportment Tan Kejing

Stepping out of my comfort zone, I applied for my first ever attachment here at Alex Chang & Co (hereinafter ACC). It was short, but worth it, fruitful and rewarding. ACC was a great platform for me to gain deeper insights into the legal field. During my tenure of attachment, I gained invaluable insight of the inner workings of a legal firm. The attachment definitely gave me a taste of what IRead More…

Goodbye, Thank you Nicholas Lee Heng Jin

An Insight into My Attachment at Alex Chang &
Co Entering the Firm My attachment
here at Alex Chang & Co this past month has been a fruitful experience. After
just ending my first year of law school, I was eager to gain a better insight
into the legal industry. I was highly curious as to the operations of a law
firm and how proceedings took place in court. However, due to the unpreRead More…

Peggy San

Peggy San My Experience as an Attachment Student

Peggy San, 申碧溪 Before the commencement of my summer attachment in a legal firm, I was invited personally by Mr Alex Chang Huey Wah to attend his lecture as one of the lecturers at the Bar Council Ethics classes exclusively tailored for the pupils in chamber.  That was my first acquaintance in my ‘practical’ legal journey outside the university and I am glad to be given a rare opportunityRead More…

UK University and Online Examinations In Malaysia Thanks to COVID-19 Lee Nicholas Heng Jin

Journeying Back from Pursuing an Education in the UK due
to COVID-19 – A Personal Experience Closure of the
University It is well-known that the journey of many students studying
overseas including my own was cut short due to the pandemic. My university –
The University of Sheffield had announced its closure after a report was
released stating that a faculty member of the architecture deRead More…

Kenny Lau Thai Yik

Kenny Lau Thai Yik Attachment Student

Joining Alex Chang & Co. has been another life lesson for me.
I can remember  many instances when  I was too eager to learn up new pratical knowledge about legal work when I was in the law school. It was during June 2013, a short but valuable experience working, or rather a learning experience, I would say, in this law firm. It’s not just about learning to do legal work, it’s also about obRead More…

A Letter to My 17-Year-Old Self Ng An Ni

was introduced to the article written by Mr Chan Wai Lun recently, which the
title of this article of mine is a duplication of his, I find that it is so
much so of a déjà vu. I
realize that I have always been living on the track preset. Never once would I
cross beyond the boundaries. I love to stay in my own shell that Mr Chang would
joke that I’m
from Mars and coming for a visit now to Read More…

Kelly Lim Chia Li

2 weeks with Alex Chang & Co. Kelly Lim Chia Li

My 2 weeks in Alex Chang & Co was a memorable experience. I applied for a pupillage position through the Alex Chang & Co website and I had to go through a 2 weeks mini Pupillage session first. On my first day, I was already given the task to do some case research. Bear in mind, this is a litigation firm so there’s a lot of case researching as well as a lot of drafting. With the guidanRead More…

Tee Kai Yan

Experience at the firm Tee Kai Yan

the ebb and flow of time, 3 weeks flew by in an instant. Strong feelings of
fear of the unknown transformed into heartfelt gratitude and respect for
everyone who has added to my 3 meaningful weeks with Alex Chang & Co. During
my time with the firm, I have had meaningful experiences and learnt many
practical skills which I will keep with me during my (hopefully) lengthy legal
journey.Read More…

Audrey Chieng Hui Sieng

An eye-opening and unforgettable experience Audrey Chieng Hui Sieng

An eye-opening and unforgettable experience
To be honest, this one-month attachment, has really given me a unique and eye-opening experience that I have ever had. I had undertaken 3 attachments in different law firm in Sarawak and I would definitely say that my experience in Alex Chang & Co (ACC) is the most unforgettable experience. I would say that the working environment and the complianceRead More…

Johnathan Law Sze Han

The Perfect Drive

A drive is indeed a homonym and with quite a few definitions,
however, innuendo is intended and viewers discretion is advised for the following paragraphs.
Life is like driving a car. You will need to keep your eyes on the road and focus on the direction you are moving towards. However, never forget to look at your rear-view mirror. My journey started off the same as everyone else you see on thisRead More…

Analene Lee

Once in a Lifetime Experience 

Once in a Lifetime Experience
Spending one month as an attachment student in Alex Chang & Co (“ACC”) is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made after completing my degree. I had the privilege of experiencing the day-to-day work of a litigation lawyer and getting hands-on doing the simplest task such as photocopying documents and scanning documents all the way to assisting the lawyers inRead More…

Amellia Ong Siew Ling

Unexpected Amellia Ong Siew Ling

It all began when I applied to Alex Chang & Co (ACC) to join their pupillage programme. During my interview, I was informed of the requirement to undergo a mini pupillage at ACC. This came as a surprise to me as it was a first that I have heard of. Soon enough, I began my mini pupillage at ACC. On my first day, I was given an excerpt to read which contained cases adopting commentaryRead More…

Khor Yin Fang

A Month with Alex Chang & Co Khor Yin Fang

Experience of the one-month attachment in Alex Chang & Co.
I have always wondered what is it like to work in a legal firm as I spent a significant amount of time in the business and commercial line. Indeed, I was able to gain a lot of  exposure through the experience especially when joining a crisis management team in dealing with the business communication strategy for some reputable organisRead More…

Ong Wee Jet

The Truth is, we all get lost as we try to find our way Ong Wee Jet

“The Truth is, we all get lost as we try to find our way. It is not how many times we get lost, it is about how many times we saw the path. “ ——Anonymous Online writer “人生的旅途总是不断地陷入迷茫,然后幡然。 往复循环,不是兜圈子,就是继续走向下去。” ——匿名网络作家   弱冠年华,是多少人梦寐以求的的岁数Read More…

Tiew Yi Wen

All Progress Takes Place Outside Comfort Zone Tiew Yi Wen

Tiew Yi Wen likes this quote:   All progress takes place outside the comfort zone. ~Michael John Bobak 宝剑锋从磨砺出 梅花香自苦寒来 俞敏洪老师曾说,当蜗牛登上顶端时,看到的风景是和雄鹰一模一样的,尽管我们没办法选择生命的起点,但是生命的终点我们可以做决定。正如作者老舍所诉,什么样的经验就能造就Read More…

Seeing Is Believing Lau Yee Vonne

Seeing is believing
Here comes the day where I had finally completed my three years of Degree in LLB. This is the time where people will be bombing you with questions like “So what’s your plan after this? Are you going for the CLP or joining the BPTC? How are you planning to spend your holiday?” This is the moment when I realised that everyone already had a very clear decision in mind and dRead More…

Diong Wern Ee

My First Attachment Short but memorable 21days 首次实习-短暂的21天 Diong Wern Ee

My First Attachment- Short but memorable 21days
Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience. – Paulo Coelho
首次实习-短暂的21天 来到了法律系的第3年,终于甘愿在这第3个长假做些该做的事了。 经过不断的搜索,让我发现了ALEX CHANG & CO 这所律师楼。 懵懵懂懂的撞了进来 当然,对我这初次进入这行业(实习生)Read More…

Melvin Low Chee Hau

The Fastidious Legal Profession

It has been a pleasure working in this firm.  Like many, I began my attachment with zero experience in legal field, and I am grateful for being provided with a chance to learn from Mr. Alex Chang of his legal skills.  It is very fortunate that I have been invited by Mr.  Chang to attend an arbitration competition that was chaired by him allowing me to learn from many top tier arbitrators who paRead More…

Amanda Tan Yi Ying

Learning is an experience. Everything else is just information – Albert Einstein

An Hourglass Experience 1     Time flies when you are busy, and from this experience I can affirm that this is indeed true. My time spent at the firm was an interesting and fulfilling one. One can argue that an internship is a waste of time and meaningless, but for a girl who is lost and stumbled upon the path of law, I would say otherwise. A Kaleidoscope 2     Through my month lonRead More…

Nuruddin Aslam B Mohd Ghazali

The Only True Wisdom Is In Knowing You Know Nothing

It was in the middle of my study week and me and my friends were boggling our heads reading and memorising provisions in the National Land Code for the upcoming Final Examination when, out of boredom while Google-ing firms around KL to do my legal attachment, came across Alex Chang & Co, which has a website of their own and not some XXXstreet nonsense (xxxstreet is a very hard place to find aRead More…