Eldarius Yong Zhen Jie

Exceeding Wildest Expectations


As I write this with “Claire De Lune” playing in the background, I strongly advise that you do the same. 

Go ahead, youtube it.  This letter can wait.

I call it a letter because this paper will be specifically dedicated to the Personnel in Alex Chang & Co.  Like many other attachment students, my stint as an attachment student started of with the unknown.

I mean, what does one expect from an attachment period of a month in a firm that one has bare knowledge of. Exceeding my wildest expectations, that is my conclusion. To understand what life is like as an attachment student/pupil, I think that many of my predecessors have done an excellent job at summarizing it. Should Mr Chang choose to post this letter, I hope that through my words, the readers of this letter can appreciate the heartfelt gratitude I have for each and everyone in this firm.

To Mr and Mrs Chang

You have shown me  kindness I do not deserve. From taking me in as an attachment student without hesitation, to the education you have provided me with in this short but fruitful month, I thank you with the greatest of sincerity.

To Ms Lim Soo Zee

I thank you for listening to my stupid stories and tolerating my cheap jokes. Despite your seniority, you have treated everyone as equals. You have showed me the value of a person with a big heart, who readily accepts anyone with open arms.

To Mr Danien Soong

Thank you for being my supporter in my joke and letting me join in on all your jokes. You, coupled with your command of English had provided my with many humorous innuendos and metaphors that I will add into my arsenal. You have made this short one month both enjoyable and unforgettable.

To Miss Louisa Chang

Thank you for providing this firm with your youth and energy. You remind me of a dreamer, the me before I was shaped by reality. It has been a pleasure for me to re-live my 18 years old self vicariously through your stories and experience.

To Ms Chow and Ms Janice

Both of you, with your care and love have made Alex Chang & Co the quintessential family oriented firm. I thank both of you for treating me like family, from preparing those home made lunches, keeping my waistline at a constant to being concerned about my well-being.

And to everyone in the firm

I pray that in all my arrogance as a young lawyer, you will find humility in me. That you will forever accept me as part of this happy, dedicated firm. I thank you all for the generosity you have showed me. As I use this keyboard as my glass, the words my champagne, I raise my glass and present you all with a toast.

“Here’s to the early mornings and the long days. Here’s to the stories and the laughters shared.   Here’s to the moments that created our friendship. And hopefully, in the future, when we meet, it will be in Soo Zee’s wedding”

Last but not least, I hope that Alex Chang & Co will remember me as the best version I have  grown into in this short one month. I thank you all for the memories created and hope that I have left a lasting impression on all of you.

Yours truly

Eldarius Yong Zhen Jie

p.s.  Soo Zee, I promise, that last sentence will be my last cheap shot at you. 🙂

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