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Jason Chong Wai Zhe

Well, frankly speaking, I absolutely had no knowledge about law as I had just graduated high school but my passion towards law is definitely beyond anyone’s imagination.


Therefore, I decided to take up this challenge to test myself and see if I could “survive” within this one month of student attachment program at Alex Chang & Co.   Fortunately, I’ve come to a conclusion that I’ve made the right decision t study law and pursue my dream as a lawyer.
During the first few days of the student attachment program, I have truly discovered more about myself; I was a person who could not listen to instructions carefully and ultimately, I made a lot of unnecessary mistakes.   Initially I felt very pressured as this was my first time dressing up as a white-collar worker and it’s totally different when juxtaposed to my schooling days.  All the assignments and instructions that were given by Mr Alex Chang were compulsory to be completed on time as he would check on me even though he was extremely busy handling all the other cases.
Without a doubt, I am very glad and thankful to have two of Mr Alex Chang’s extraordinarily friendly legal assistants Miss Megan Lim Soo Zee and Mr Danny as my colleagues because they never looked down on me even though I was only a high school graduate.  They have never hesitated to guide me every time I was given an assignment.  I would proudly nominate Miss Janice and Miss Chow to receive the most excellent secretary award if there was one as I observed that they have never neglected or overlooked their work during office hours.
One of the happiest things in my life is that I could finally attend court hearings including the Federal Court.   Never have I imagined that I could actually witness an actual hearing in court and I’ve discovered that in real life, it is extremely different compared to the movies and dramas on TV.

Last but not least, I would like to extend my greatest gratitude to Mr Alex Chang for his tutorship and guardianship as well as my colleagues for lending a hand in making my attachment a wonderful, meaningful and definitely a memorable one.Jason Chong Wai Zhe

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