Maizatul Suhaila Zukifli

Maizatul Suhaila Zukifli Attachment & Pupillage


Maizatul Suhaila Binti Zukifli

Being an attachment student in Alex Chang & Co’s Pupillage and Attachment Program is one exciting period of my life. This is my starting point where I try to take leave from my ‘comfort’ zone.

Maizatul Suhaila Zukifli
Maizatul Suhaila Zukifli

During the attachment I challenged myself to improve and be more competitive. Besides, various task and instructions allowed me to experience new concepts especially in the area of litigation.
Whilst I was undergoing the attachment I was invited to attend court hearings, NOT sitting in the Gallery. At first, I did not expect that I would introduced to the Honourable Judges in chambers as my understanding was that it is a privilege only given to a pupil in chambers. However, at Alex Chang & Co it is the Standard Operating Procedure (hereinafter the “SOP”).

Besides, I also have been given the opportunity to participate in conferences with clients, research and brainstorming ideas with senior lawyers. I learnt how court matters are conducted.

Undergoing attachment in Alex Chang & Co dawned on me that working life especially to practise as a lawyer is totally different from university life. As a lawyer, we need to decide whether we have a strong case for the court to rule in the clients’ favour…

Having Mr. Alex Chang Huey Wah as a master inspired me a lot. In order to be a good litigator, we need to be cautious, meticulous , and diligent. To learn fast, we must be curious about all encounters, be it at work or in life.

One of the things I like most about Alex Chang & Co is the working environment relationship, strong bond we have. I can see how our Mr. Alex Chang Huey Wah achieves this by keeping the channel of communication open. We share many meals together with this bond improve the quality of work.

My attachment period though brief was an unforgettable experience and I enjoyed myself. In that short time, Mr Alex Chang trained me to think, act and behave like a lawyer.

After conducting some research I realised that not many students undergoing their attachment were given the same opportunity as I was. My friends envied me for my experience as they were only given very limited task such as reading cases, answering telephone calls and other mundane chores. At times they spent an entire day in the library.

One of my lecturers Madam Ani Munirah once told me about the challenges in practice. She said that as a lawyer we have to multi-task and monitor a fair number of due dates. How true… indeed!

One of my biggest challenge is how to act and think fast, as we are no longer in the university. Every seconds counts. Under Mr Alex Chang’s guidance, every task has a deadline .

Last but not least, I would like to extend my gratitude to Mr Alex Chang for his tutelage and to my colleagues for their help in making my attachment and pupillage meaningful, momentous and purposeful.

Maizatul Suhaila Binti Zukifli

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