Best Working Experience Rebecca Ong Chi Cheng Attachment

Rebecca Ong Chi Cheng
Rebecca Ong Chi Cheng

A Journey of Discovery

Going to the Palace of Justice in Putrajaya was  my favourite activity,   for  there were many discoveries  on every visit.   I  had the opportunity to listen  not only to Mr. Alex Chang’s  submission but also to his  experience,  jokes and kind advice,  sometimes,  thought provoking.  I dare say, if you ask, he will answer.   Be willing to learn, and he will shower you with knowledge.

Besides, I also had the opportunity to listen to the legal   submissions by many senior counsel  and  observe the responses of the  judges.  These to me, are very precious insights into the world of litigation/ dispute resolution.  In fact, on my first day of work itself,  I was invited to the High Court and  attended an argument in  chambers. From this alone, I learnt  that not every legal argument advanced will be accepted by the judge.  For once,  I  feel  as  if I  am one step closer to being a lawyer and to presenting  my case before the judge.


Social Moments

My second favourite activity would be the frequent sharing of meals with Mr Alex Chang  and my fellow  colleagues.  For a very simple reason, that is, Mr Alex Chang  always played  host  for our meals.   Everybody  likes  free meals.    Sometimes we  have a bite of  pizza  during  a  movie night  at  the office.   My farewell  was   a dinner cum  karaoke session after work hosted  at the  Royal Lake Club.


No Short Cuts

Throughout my  month long  attachment  at  Alex Chang & Co,  I  have made another discovery to never take the  shortcut out.  When I was given the first file to read,  I  skipped straight to the written submission, mainly because I  thought  it was (and  it  still is),   one of the most interesting documents  to read.    I quickly  learnt that every document placed in the file is important; the affidavits, statement of claim, and the notes  of proceedings containing the  cross examination and so forth.   Mr Chang told me that one important  aspect   of  cross examination, is that,  questions  should only be asked if you know the answers  to them.   However, until today, I have to admit that I remain a novice when it comes to reading files.

My other tasks include, comparing the provisions in the new Companies Bill 2013 with the existing  Companies Act 1965,     translation (as most of the documents are prepared in both English and Malay),  proof reading,   preparing  bundles of authorities and some simple legal works.  I was also invited to observe an  admission proceeding, the speeches were  really inspiring.   It made me want to strive harder and go further.


Best Working Experience

Despite the long working hours and cold air conditioning, this will remain as one of the best working experience I have had. I have gained so much from this short one month; knowledge, friends,  strong arms and perhaps an extra pound.

Hence,  I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone in  Alex Chang & Co.;  Mr Alex Chang, Miss Lim Soo Zee, Ms Janice, Ms Chow, Nor Arifa and Kar Yeen.    I would like to make a special mention about   Arifa and Kar Yeen.  They were  always there to  lend me a hand whenever I  needed one   and for being so selfless and patient   with me.  Thank you  Mr Alex Chang, for this invaluable opportunity,  for helping me in  achieving another milestone  and most importantly, for allowing  me to  have a glimpse of what I want to be in the future.

Rebecca Ong Chi Cheng
University of London

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