The Only True Wisdom Is In Knowing You Know Nothing Nuruddin Aslam B Mohd Ghazali

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing – Socrates.

Nuruddin Aslam B Mohd Ghazali
Nuruddin Aslam B Mohd Ghazali

It was in the middle of my study week and me and my friends were boggling our heads reading and memorising provisions in the National Land Code for the upcoming Final Examination when, out of boredom while Google-ing firms around KL to do my legal attachment, came across Alex Chang & Co, which has a website of their own and not some XXXstreet nonsense (xxxstreet is a very hard place to find a job I promise you).



The Application Process

Unlike most firms, applying for internship at Alex Chang is so simple, all you have to do is fill in the online form which did not ask much then you’re good to go! It’s like they already have your resume! Hence, I applied.


A Few days later I got a message requesting me to write 3 essays in order to be qualified for the attachment and so I did. I wrote 3 mediocre essays which I am not even sure if they are even decent but just sent them anyway. The next thing I knew, I was in an interview with Alex Chang & Co. The interview was very relaxed and laid-back. It was like having a normal conversation with your future boss.


First Day At Work

Fast forward to my first day at work. On my first day I met Ms Janice who showed me around the firm. She outlined the “do’s” and “dont’s” and handed me over a notebook for me to scribble or jot down lessons I learn in the firm. From there I started my little attachment journey.


A Fresh Approach to Research

There were a lot of things that I got to do during my internship. My first task was to do a research on evidence law. I never knew I get to have the chance to participate in a case research. (Yeah, I know right!)… Being a semester 4 student who has not sat for Evidence Law I felt very excited! I was taught by a chambering student, Germaine on how to extract excerpts. I was told to extract in a specific format this is because it is easier for others to use the excerpt as it is already in the submission’s format. This is pretty interesting as it taught me how to make work easier for your friends. After that I have received quite number of topics and issues to do research on. It was not that easy as cases might not be in our favor sometimes. I am glad such opportunity were given to me because now I can research at ease and very confidently.


Never Undermine the Little Things

Besides researching I learned a lot of clerical jobs from Ms Janice. From dispatch jobs to photocopying, she patiently guided me in fulfilling each task. I can actually say now I am pretty experienced with filling in Poslaju forms that I can actually be a Poslaju receptionist. I also learned how to send legal documents to courts and other firms and obtain acknowledgment from the recipients. Not just that, I also get to go sightseeing as I had to serve a few document to a person in Perlis (in law its called personal service). Although it sounds fun going outstation, I kept bearing in mind that I need to focus and concentrate on my task the beaches there were very “seductive”!  But no, work always has to come first! And so, my journey in Perlis were smooth and I got to meet with the friendly locals who has helped me in terms of commuting from one place to another.


Court Deportment

Aside from that I have also learned court deportment, never confuse this with “department” a difference of a single letter and a they are MILES apart. This was done during the days that we had to go to court. Mind everyone that this is not a normal faculty court visit, but I got to see my boss in action which was so exciting and interesting. Here, we often had our case managed or heard in KL High Court. I got the chance to witness few judges during the hearing such as Her Ladyship Dato  Khadijah Idris and Her Ladyship  Noorin Badarudin. It was slightly scary and intimidating but I was mostly in awe and inspired with how the judges were very knowledgeable and had case laws at the back of their hands.


Mr Alex Chang once told me if a counsel is not in the right court attire the judge would not be able to “hear” to what he is submitting.  I will forever remember this as I would not want a judge to ignore me in an open court (My Lord, that would be embarrassing!)


On the last day of work, I got to go watch Vis Moot at KLRCA.   It is going to be a bit of a nostalgia  because I have mooted there before and this time my boss is judging the rounds!



Before I close  this chapter  as being the last task of my internship, I would like to express endless gratitude to my colleagues and superiors. I had so much fun in the office and working with Mr Alex Chang. Although sometimes there were hard times in the office, I believe that success does not come easy. That’s what I learn from my favourite fictional character Naruto.  Besides him, I would like to thank all of my fellow interns, Naza, Melvin & Vinnie, the three individuals who has absolutely helped me a lot throughout my attachment days.


Germaine & Suzanne, the pupils in chambers  that have helped guiding me in fulfilling my internship tasks. Ms Chow and Ms Elaine that also have helped me in learning how to be friendly and have lots of smiles. Ms Janice, who taught me patience and important skills in being a solicitor. Most importantly my Master or my Sifu, Mr Alex Chang who has faith in me and entrusted me with all sorts of difficult tasks. I feel so honored to be able to be in this team. I shall never forget the memories ever. Thank you!