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Every Second Counts My Internship Experience


Khairunnisa binti ZaffarTHE MAJESTIC GOLDEN WORDS

On my first day of internship, I was so nervous and perhaps there was also a hint of excitement, just a little bit though. That morning, I felt like there was a circus show inside my belly which was obviously not helping the situation.  Upon arrival at the firm’s entrance, I was greeted by a majestic, golden sign. The words “Alex Chang & Co”, gleamed proudly before me. However, the first thing I needed to do was excuse myself to the loo. Not a good start, eh?  Well, that was how nervous I was.

I first met Mr Chang at the National Rounds of the Jessup Moot Competition which was held at  the University of Malaya. I was there to support my friends who got into the finals and Mr Chang was  one of the judges for the general rounds. It never crossed my mind that the short encounter with Mr Chang, is the start to many more days of seeing him in the office.



At Alex Chang & Co,  I learned that every second is golden and cannot be let to waste. Even in things like replying to Mr Chang’s questions or instructions, he would urge us to reply immediately as every second counts.  Also, he emphasises the importance of accurate  communication to ensure that every task runs smoothly.  He also taught us to always keep on our toes as he will randomly shoot us questions out of the blue and which most of the time, we could not answer.



Creative thinking and fast actions are also key to make your way in this field. I observed how important it is to catch things fast and also to think out of the box especially in working with Mr Chang.  Everyone working there is so fast-paced that it dawned on me that I, too, should be able to think and act fast like them.



Besides following Mr Chang to court, he also includes his interns in clients’  meetings. I remember there was this one client who was quite frustrated with his situation and kept repeating the same things over and over but did not quite provide us with the information we needed. I learned from Mr Chang on how to deal with that particular category  of clients as it is important to make the clients understand his position and it is more important for him to give us all the details we need.


There was also this one time where I had to meet an Insolvency Officer regarding a client’s file and although I was so clueless about how bankruptcy procedures really are, I acted all calm and cool in front of the officer that she actually thought I was a lawyer!



All in all, every moment I experienced in this firm will always be cherished (who knows I might tell this story of mine to my grandchildren one day) and I would like to extend my heartfelt   gratitude to everyone I met along my journey here, namely – June, Kylene, Kai, Yugi, Celine, Jessie, and Alicia.  Also thank you Ms Janice, Ms Chow, and Ms Elaine for always being so kind to all of us. Not forgetting, Miss Calise Lee for everything you’ve shared to us and of course, thank you Mr Chang for giving me this opportunity of experiencing all these in your firm.  I would not have gained all these without you.  Thank you again.

by Khairunnisa binti Zaffar

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