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Lee Sher Min Attachment


I really enjoyed my attachment in Alex Chang & Co because the lawyers and staff were all very helpful and friendly. I was given guidance whenever I encountered something new, whether it was something to do with court matters or administrative work. Although many students undergoing their attachment will not have the opportunity to participate in conferences with clients generally, I was able to join, not once, but on many occasions.

I am very appreciative of Mr Alex Chang’s guidance, because as a student we sometimes make mistakes, but during this attachment he was very understanding and he taught me to be a better lawyer-to-be.

The courts that I went to during my attachment at Alex Chang & Co were the Kuala Lumpur High Court, the Court of Appeal, the Seremban High Court and the Penang High Court. I was invited to attend court hearings and yes, hearings in chambers, only with special indulgence of the Honourable Judges. To witness proceedings in court is an eye-opening experience for me as I have not seen one. The most memorable occasion for me is when the Court of Appeal judges decided in favour of our clients. I was so touched even though I was not the one who appeared before the Judges. At the same time, I was so glad because our hard work “paid off”.

In a High Court matter in which our team succeeded, I was delighted that the authority from my research on section 223 of the Companies Act 1965 was useful. Therefore I was looking forward to be invited into the chambers of the learned Judicial Commissioner S Nantha Balan who presided in the section 223 matter.

I participated in the many social activities that Alex Chang & Co regularly conduct for every student in attachment. There were karaoke sessions in the Royal Lake Club where we could all drown ourselves in songs, drinks and foods. At times, the whole firm will have lunch together. I personally think that having social activities together promotes better understanding in turn will create a better working environment.

Other Experience From The Firm
In Alex Chang & Co, besides the strictly ‘legal’ matters, I also learnt how to do file search, file documents in court, to the firm, these are essential parts of being a lawyer.

To let me have a feel of what it would be like when I will be admitted, I was invited to attend admission proceedings when Mr Alex Chang ‘moved’ the honourable court for the Order. In addition, I discovered that a person has to be meticulous if he or she wants to be a successful litigator. Having good ‘people skills’ is also a bonus so that you will be able to interact with people from all walks of life.

The work given to me during the attachment was challenging, however I really enjoyed myself while working in Alex Chang & Co. Not only was I exposed to many legal related matters but also life lessons that I will be able to carry with me throughout my journey in life as a lawyer. I am also very grateful that the colleagues were really kind to me, making my time and experience  in Alex Chang & Co very pleasant.

Lee Shermin
August 29, 2014

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