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Admission to the Bar of Gary Au Kar Meng Long Call

Mr Gary Au Kar Meng with his mover Alex Chang Esq
Mr Gary Au Kar Meng with his mover Alex Chang Esq

Admission Speech of Mr Gary Au Kar Meng as an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya on July 15, 2016

Before the Honourable Madam Justice Dato’ Nik Hasmat Binti Nik Mohamed (NCVC 12)


If it pleases you, My Lady, Alex Chang Huey Wah for Your Petitioner. Together with us on this fine day are the representatives from the relevant bodies.  Ms Paramaspary Arjunan for the Attorney General’s Chambers, Albert Koo Tee Yih Esq for the Malaysian Bar Council and  Albert Koo Tee Yih Esq will also appear for the Selangor Bar Committee.

My Lady, allow me to briefly introduce Your Petitioner   Gary Au Kar Meng.  Your Petitioner  was born and raised in Penang where he received his secondary School’s  education from the  Penang Free School – the oldest school in Malaysia.  The Free School  will be celebrating its 200th anniversary in October this year.  Unlike most youngster, me included, Your Petitioner had, during his days   in the Free School   made up his mind to be    ambitious, while most of us had an ambition to be a teacher, he wanted  to be  a lawyer.

At a young and tender age, he started calling for conferences,  he told me that after  deliberating the pros and cons  with his family and with the strong support from his beloved mother who is here today, Your  Petitioner dropped Chemistry as a subject for his SPM, hence becoming the first Science-Stream student in Penang Free School to abandon  Chemistry as a subject for the O levels. My lady he lost the Chemistry for Science and fell in love with laws.  Your Petitioner has never looked back with regrets ever since.

After the Free School, he continued with a  Foundation in Laws at the  Multimedia University and eventually graduating  as  a  Bachelor of Laws from the same   University.  After completing his degree, Your  Petitioner proceeded to read in the chambers of my learned friend   Ringo Low Kim Leng Esquire from Messrs Ringo Low & Associates.   After having known Ringo for so many years,  My Lady, I am sure that Your Petitioner received the best tutelage and guidance that a pupil  could possibly get from any master.

My Lady,
Your  Petitioner would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people in his life who have been there with him throughout his journey towards this glorious day. Firstly, his family, especially his dearest mother, Madam Rina Chan, who has, from the very beginning, been absolutely supportive of his decision to embark on the path of a legal career. Your Petitioner’s mother, Madam Rina Chan  and his sister, Ms Irene Au are both present today. Next, Your Petitioner wishes to thank his Pupil-Master,  Ringo Low Esquire, for giving him the opportunity to gain invaluable experience throughout his 9 months of pupillage and also for taking the time to attend Your Petitioner’s admission proceedings today.

Your  Petitioner would also like to express his gratitude to his former colleagues from Messrs Ringo Low & Associates for all their guidance, support and for all the unforgettable memories throughout his 9 months of pupillage there. Finally, Your Petitioner would also like to thank all his friends who have been a part of his journey towards his legal career.

My Lady,
I believe Your  Petitioner is a fit and proper person to be admitted and enrolled as an Advocate & Solicitor, all the papers are in order and the relevant bodies have no objections. Therefore I humbly pray that Your Petitioner be admitted and enrolled as an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya. I am obliged.

— Order by HC Judge —
May I seek leave from this Honourable Court for Your Petitioner’s Pupil-Master to robe Your  Petitioner.
We are obliged.




Gary’s admission proceedings (also known as the Long Call) was attended by from left to right:

Darren Yong, Johan Lam, John Lam, Edwin Chiam, Gary, Alex, Ernie Lim.  Johan, John & Ernie are from the Rotary Club of Mandaluyung.

The four young ladies are attachment students:

L-R Jessy WAN Yuen Mun,  TEAN Sim Yin, Jennifer HIU Jing Yin  & LAI Man Yee.  We remember Gary during his days  while he was with us as an attachment student, he was a smart, hard working and responsible student.

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