Admission to the Bar of Miss Maizatul Suhaila Zukifli

Admission Speech for Maizatul Suhaila Zukifli on September 4, 2015


Maizatul Suhaila Zukifli
Maizatul Suhaila Zukifli

Being the eldest child is a blessing and also a curse. Especially when you have 9 siblings. From a tender age, Your Petitioner has always wanted to set a good example for her brothers and sisters. Your Petitioner puts her all efforts to strive and try to be the best. She always works hard to achieve what she wants and believes that “Every man (in this case woman) is the architect of his own fortune”.

It was never your Petitioner’s dream to become a lawyer. In fact, she always wanted to be a doctor and after her secondary school she was accepted into the Science Matriculation (KPTM) College. However, at the same time she also received an offer to undertake Pre-Law at the UiTM. She sought the advice from her father, aunts, and school teacher. Eventually, your Petitioner took a brave step and took the Pre-Law UiTM study offer. From there on she started to develop a keen interest in law, and long journey as a lawyer. Her hard work at Universiti Utara Malaysia conferred her a Bachelor of Laws degree with 1st Class Honours in November 2014.
My Lady,
Your Petitioner began her professional career as an attachment student for 8 weeks at the firm of my learned and old friend Alex Chang Esq at Alex Chang & Co. She fell in love with the family like environment of the office and was very impressed with the tutelage her wonderful Master, therefore she decided to read in the chambers of my learned friend as a pupil.
Your Petitioner told me that the most important advice that she will always carry with her is that one of the traits to be a good lawyer is the ability to understand the facts given and provide a solution. In order to do that one must be curious. Curiosity is the key to learn and understand the situations effectively. She realised that being curious is very important; be it in practice as a lawyer or a successful person in life.
She also learnt that the other traits of a great lawyer is efficiency, every second counts, The other lesson gained is the art of presentation, and be consistent in your presentations, be creative in the delivery f of the information to the audience and be an expert in what you want to present.
All those qualities were presented to her when she witnessed how, in a matter Alex and I conducted in the Federal Court with respect to an order for damages granted by the New Commercial Court NCC2, assessed by the learned Registrar at RM74 million; was eventually reduced to nothing…
In short, her 9 months in Alex Chang & Co was very challenging, interesting and indeed one of the best moments in her professional career.
My Lady,
First and foremost, Your Petitioner would like to express her gratitude to God for the countless blessings given to her.
[Please pause when the names of the parents are read out and alert the parents to be up standing and offer a bow to the bench.]
My Lady,
Izinkan saya meneruskan ucapan dalam bahasa Malaysia.
Pada hari ini, Pempetisyen merasa sangat bangga dan amat bertuah dilahirkan sebagai anak serta menerima didikan, asuhan, doa dan kesabaran daripada Encik Zukifli dan Puan Norazizi. Terima kasih atas kesabaran dan toleransi yang telah ayah berikan, setia menunggu, mengambil dan menghantar Pempetisyen ke tempat kerja sepanjang tempoh latihan dalam kamar ini. Tidak lupa juga kepada Ibu yang sentiasa memberi sokongan moral dan meluangkan masa membantu menyediakan kelengkapan harian sepanjang tempoh ini.
Segala pengorbanan dan kasih sayang yang dicurahkan oleh ayah dan ibu begitu besar dan tidak mungkin dapat dihitung, apatah lagi dibalas. Di samping itu, Pempetisyen ingin berterima kasih atas dorongan dan kasih sayang yang diberikan oleh seluruh ahli keluarga. InsyaAllah, Pempetisyen tidak akan mensia-siakannya dan akan berusaha dengan lebih gigih untuk lebih berjaya.
English translation (not to be read in open court)
I crave leave to proceed with part of the speech in Malay.
Your Petitioner feels very proud and lucky to be born as a child who was showered with guidance, care, prayers and patience from Mr. Zukifli Bin Afandi and Madam Norazizi Bt Md Sood.
She wishes to thank you her father for the patience and tolerance devoting time to wait and send Your Petitioner to various destinations. to her mother, for moral support her daily rituals.
All these cannot be enumerated; much less be repaid. Besides, your Petitioner would like to thank the family members for their support and care. If God willing, Your Petitioner will treasure everything and work hard to be successful.
My Lady,
Your Petitioner also would like to record her heartfelt appreciation to her Master, Alex Chang Esq., for the experience and opportunities granted to Your Petitioner. Your Petitioner told me that her Master is one of the best teachers she could ever have. He taught her not only the law, but also the valuable lessons in life.
Your Petitioner is also indebted to her friends, Miss Intan Syamimi Binti Yusoff, Miss Nur Syafiah Binti Razali, Miss Quratulain Binti Jaafar, Mr. Ikhwan Bin Mohd Nasir and Miss Nor Arifa Binti A Rahman for sharing her joys and sorrows during her law studies and pupilage. Not forgetting all her friends who are present here today.
Special thanks also go out to all her dedicated teachers, lecturers and tutors.
Your Petitioner also wish to express her gratitude to Miss Lim Soo Zee, for her untiring guidance, support and all her colleagues in Messrs Alex Chang & Co for making her time reading in chambers such a meaningful and unforgettable experience.
My Lady,
I believe that Your Petitioner’s papers are in order and the relevant bodies have no objections. Wherefore I humbly pray that Your Petitioner be admitted and enrolled as an Advocate and Solicitor of High Court of Malaya. I am obliged.
Wait For The Order.
I seek leave from this Honourable Court to invite my learned friend, Alex Chang Esq, Your Petitioner’s pupil master to robe Your Petitioner.