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Rotary Dhonburi Pudu Singapore West Tri Club Fellowship Project

This Rotary Tri Club Project was first mooted during PP Phanida Naviroj’s year as the President of RC Dhonburi and subsequently carried to fruition by Past President (“PP”) Tan Kay Hui, Rotary Club of Singapore West, Singapore, together with Past President Pichai Rotary Club of Dhonburi, Bangkok and Past President Alex Chang of Pudu.



First Project Thonburi Women Correctional Institution RY 2013/ 14

Organising Chair- Rtn Somchart

prc-tri-club-correctional-instAfter months of preparation a Tri-Club Fellowship Project was formed under the leadership of PP Pichai.  The purpose of the first  Tri-Club Fellowship Project was  identified by sponsoring the training programmes, a community service project for the Thonburi Women Correctional Institution, click here to read more about the project.

The Tri-Club Fellowship Project had successfully strengthened the good relationship between Pudu with Rotary Club of Singapore West and the Rotary Club of Dhonburi, Bangkok.

This project was hosted by RC Dhonburi  in Bangkok, was very well attended by the members of the sister clubs 5 members of RC Singapore West and 7 members and guests from RC Pudu. prc-tri-club-bkk-visit


District Award

This project won Rotary Club of Pudu the Best International Service Award by District 3300 in Rotary year 2013/ 14, amongst the 8 District Awards  (6 Best  and 2 Runner Ups District Awards)   Pudu won that year.   prc-tri-club-farewell-dinnerMany thanks to the Advisors of the year PDG Lee Keng Bin,  PP Michael Tung Siak Kei,   PP General, Rtd Dato Mus Ayob, PP Low Keng Hwa







The Second Project Beautify My Home RY 2014/ 15

Organising Chair- Rotarian Laura Lee

prc-tri-club-rcswThe second in the series was hosted by RC Pudu, under the leadership of Past President Daisy Chiu,   held in Kuala Lumpur.



Project hosted by RC Pudu was successfully carried out, it was attended by 2 members of RC Singapore West.   Many thanks to the Advisors of the year PDG Paul Lee and PP Low Keng Hwa.



The Third Project The Rare Disorders Society of Singapore RY 2015/ 16

Organising Chair- PP Tay Wei Lien

prc-tri-club-presentating-chqUnder the leadership of  President PP Wee Leong How, of RC Singapore West  the three clubs joined forces in Singapore to promote awareness of the support group, the  Rare Disorders Society Singapore (RDSS).  Click here to read more about the Project.

It was hosted by RC Singapore West, very well attended members of the sister clubs,  5 members and guests from RC Pudu and 4 members and guests from RC Dhonburi.

Click here to read the article covering the visit by RDSS.

Individuals with rare diseases form a minority of our society and receive little or no attention. Due to the lack of resources, they may not receive timely and accurate diagnosis which can cause serious complications including disability and death.
Rare Disorders Society (Singapore) a.k.a RDSS is a charity initiated by parents of children with LSD (Lysosomal Storage Disorder). Established in 2011, it aims to create awareness on various life threatening rare diseases.

The objectives are to improve the lives of patients and their families who have been diagnosed with a rare or ultra-rare disease. The aim is to raise the profile of rare diseases among the health authorities, health services and drug manufactures to improve research and development of orphan drugs. The charity understands the fight on a deep personal level and keep in mind the needs of our community at all times.

prc-tri-club-lunchRDSS is currently the only organisation focusing and supporting rare disease patients in Singapore.



The lunch hosted by RC Singapore West.




The Fourth Project Defibrillator for St John’s Ambulance  RY 2016/ 17

Organising Chair- PP Alex Chang

prc-chinapress-50th-ann-newspaperThe Tri Club Fellowship Project will be  held  in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary of Rotary Club of Pudu, under the leadership of President Sandy Soh Kwee Tin and Organising Chairman PP Low Keng Hwa.   Pudu invited all their  5 sister-club members to join the Project and  a host of other celebrations:

RC Dhonburi, Thailand 14 members & guests

RC Hong Kong Harbour 15 members & guests

RC Mandaluyung, Philippines  14 members & guests

RC Songklah, Thailand 19 members & guests

RC Singapore West 13 members & guests

All sister club members are invited to witness the launch of the Tri Club Fellowship Project on Dec 10, 2016 at 11am,  where RC Pudu will present a  Defibrillator to the  St John’s Ambulance.


Please click  here for the speech by the Organising Chairman PP Alex Chang and the newspaper cutting, Chinapress Part 1 & Part 2

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