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New cases as at Dec 18, 2021 in some countries around the world you make your own choice. You can click on the link any day to check the latest figures. China 125 new cases at Dec 18, 2021 and 221 new cases at Jan 12, 2022, predominantly sinovac Indonesia 291 new cases at Dec 18, 2021, and 802 new cases at Jan 12, 2022 , predominantly sinovachttps://covidRead More…

‘Masa menjadi asas’ Nur Qamarynna Kamarudin

English Version Masa bergerak terlalu pantas dan artikel ini merupakan
tugasan terakhir yang perlu saya selesaikan  sebelum saya meninggalkan firma guaman ini.
Satu bulan yang sungguh mencabar namun sangat memberi inspirasi kepada saya
yang merupakan pelajar praktikal di Alex Chang & Co. Namun begitu, saya tetap
menikmati masa yang terluang  di sini
bagi menimba ilmu dan pengalamRead More…

Megan Lim Soo Zee

Megan Lim Soo Zee Legal Assistant

Megan Lim Soo Zee, 林淑儿
Miss Megan Lim Soo Zee a Law graduated from the University of London.  She began her professional career as an advocate and solicitor in the firm as a mini-pupil/ an attachment student or an intern  in the year  2011 and thereafter read   in the chambers of Alex Chang Huey Wah Esq  as a pupil in the year  2012.
林淑儿  Megan Lim Soo Zee  大律师 是伦Read More…

Danien Soong Hou Ming

Danien Soong Hou Ming Legal Assistant

Mr Danien Soong obtained his Bachelor of Law with the University of London in 2013. He thereafter pursued the Certificate of Legal Practice (CLP) and completed the same in 2014. Upon passing the CLP examinations, Danien Soong commenced his pupillage in the chambers of Ms. Loh Chiek Feei at Messrs Soo Thien Ming & Nashrah, wherein he was exposed to both litigation and conveyancing practicesRead More…

Maizatul Pupil Profile

Miss Maizatul Suhaila Binti Zukifli a Law graduate from the University Utara Malaysia.  Miss Maizatul Suhaila Binti Zukifli  began her professional life as a lawyer  in the firm as an attachment student for 8 weeks and thereafter read   in the chambers of Mr Alex Chang Huey Wah as a pupil from  October 2014 to July 2015. Click here to see the comments from Maizatul about the experienRead More…

Nur Azhan Ahmad Pauzi Pupil Alex Chang & Co

Nur Azhan Ahmad Pauzi Pupil in Chambers

Admission Speech of Miss Nur Azhan Binti Ahmad Pauzi  as an Advocate and Solicitor, High Court of Malaya. Date: 23rd July 2010 If it pleases you My Lord, I, Kenneth Lye, appear for the Petitioner, and my learned friends  representing the relevant bodies that have been introduced earlier. Petitioner was born in Kuala Terengganu on a remarkable date  of 14th August and is a first Read More…