Lew Jun Man

Our People

Mr Lew Jun Man is an alumnus of the University of London, where he earned his law degree. He recently completed his Certificate of Legal Practice in one sitting, showcasing his dedication and enthusiasm in the legal field.

Outside of working hours, he is a computer enthusiast, deeply passionate about everything related to computers and tech gadgets. He finds the rapid development of new technology fascinating. Engaging in outdoor activities also brings him joy, particularly badminton matches and hiking with his friends. Although not particularly athletic, he maintains his fitness by jogging regularly to stay in good health.

In terms of personality, Mr Lew is outgoing and delights in meeting new people at various events and social activities. He sees meeting new people as an exciting opportunity to expand his social circle and build connections, believing it to be a perfect way to explore himself.

Regarding his journey into law, when asked about his decision to pursue law courses, he chose to enter the legal field based on a friend’s recommendation. Initially introduced to the field through his friend’s suggestion, he gradually developed a deep interest and passion for law over time.

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