Megan Lim Soo Zee

Megan Lim Soo Zee Legal Assistant

Megan Lim Soo Zee
Megan Lim Soo Zee

Megan Lim Soo Zee, 林淑儿

Miss Megan Lim Soo Zee a Law graduated from the University of London.  She began her professional career as an advocate and solicitor in the firm as a mini-pupil/ an attachment student or an intern  in the year  2011 and thereafter read   in the chambers of Alex Chang Huey Wah Esq  as a pupil in the year  2012.

林淑儿  Megan Lim Soo Zee  大律师 是伦敦大学的法律毕业生。她于 2011 年在张惠华大律师事务所 由成为一名见习生 开始了她的律师职业生涯,此后,于 2012 ,继续在张惠华大律师的旗下当实习律师。

Miss Megan Lim Soo Zee, was admitted to the Malaysian Bar in 2013 and assisted Mr Chang in the firm till 2017.

林淑儿大律师 2013 年被律师协会鉴定为合格职业律师后便继续服务于张大律师事务所 并协助张大律师至2017。

The Chinese is a translation to the best efforts and if there is a conflict between the translation and the English version, please refer to the English version

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