Debtors not paying? or defaulting ? Give your debtors Jail time.

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Put them behind bars.

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Prisioner-RF-56373253-waternarked“I have spent lots of money to obtain a judgment but I cannot get any recovery…”
How do you get “assurance” that when the court makes an order, you can get paid?
At times when the debtors do not comply with the court order what can you do?
To resolve problems like these,  the matter highlighted below, we have build in  a penal indorsement into  an order.    So that we may compel the debtor to pay according to the court order,  if he is  in default (did not pay in time), to hold the person in contempt of court,  the punishment for contempt of court  could be  spending time in prison.

See the Grounds of Judgment: Yap Kit Wah & 30 Ors v Yap Kim Choon @ Yap Siw Sin & 2 Ors dated October 13, 2014

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Alex Chang
Queen Mary College London LLB Hons advocate and solicitor