Bankruptcy and Your Existing Car Loan

Bankruptcy and Your Existing Car Loan Very often we get this question:  I am a bankrupt and I am servicing an existing car loan, the bank did not repossess the car,   shall I continue to service the car loan?   If a person is made bankrupt in the year 2016 and the car loan has been running since 2015 for 5 years, the catch is that once you have finished servicing the car loan in year 20Read More…

7 Tips on Bankruptcy in Malaysia Discharge Disqualification Annulment Lawyers

Bankruptcy Discharge
马来西亚破产报穷法令简介-中文版 Versi Bahasa Malaysia Discharge after full settlement with Creditors Assisted by Lawyers
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For information on the above click here. Discharge & Annulment with Assitance of Lawyers
The article below sets out some general information in relation tRead More…

Alex Chang Companies Widing Up Handbook

Winding Up Without a Judgment Petition Malaysia

Must I obtain a Judgment BEFORE filing a winding up petition against my debtors? “Versi Bahasa Malaysia” This is one of the most frequently asked questions.   A short answer is no.  The provision of section 218 of the Companies Act 1965 and the new sections 466 and 467 of the Companies Act 2016 did not provide that a judgment must be obtained prior to filing of a Winding Up Petition. Read More…

Alex Chang Companies Widing Up Handbook

What is compulsory winding-up insolvency liquidation?

Compulsory Winding-up “Versi Bahasa Malaysia” Compulsory winding-up insolvency liquidation in Malaysia is pursuant to section 218 of the  Act. It is a legal process by which the Official Receiver, now known as the Director General of Insolvency or a liquidator is appointed by an order of the court to ‘wind up’ the affairs of a limited company, Sdn Bhd or a Berhad. At the end of the pRead More…