Admission to the Bar of Mr Tan Eng Keat

Admission to the Malaysian Bar (Long Call) Speech

(L-R) Chuah Sui Cheing, Yeoh Khee Hing, Tan Eng Keat, Alex Chang and Ding Ming Shu
(L-R) Chuah Sui Cheing, Yeoh Khee Hing, Tan Eng Keat, Alex Chang and Ding Ming Shu

Name:               TAN ENG KEAT
Petition No.:     18-1369-10
Date:                 December 2, 2011

Admission Speech of Mr TAN ENG KEAT as an Advocate and  Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya

If it pleases you, My Lord

I, ALEX CHANG HUEY WAH, appear for the Petitioner, TAN ENG KEAT  and  my learned friends representing the Attorney General, The Bar Council and the Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee have already been introduced earlier.

My Lord

The Petitioner, Tan Eng Keat,   the second son of Mr. & Mrs  Tan Chun King

The Petitioner  early education in La Salle Klang.   Thereafter,   the Petitioner read law in the Multimedia University, Malacca.   Upon completing his degree, the Petitioner commenced his pupilage in the chambers of Mr. Kumar Kanagasingam of Messrs.  Lee Hishammuddin  Allen & Gledhill

My Lord,

I asked what was the ambition of the Petitioner when he was  little?

To be a good soldier,  because soldiers are the ones who run into a building on fire  when everybody else is running in the opposite direction.   Therefore unlike many young people, He was  therefore slightly  disappointed not to be selected to be in National Service Training.

Actually he wanted to the Bruce Willies of Malaysia to star in  Die Hard 5.

On this very special occasion, the Petitioner seeks the leave of this Honourable Court to express his gratitude and appreciation to the following people who had truly made a difference to the Petitioner’s life:-

To the most important people in his life, his father, Mr. Tan  Chun King,  and mother Madam Tee Swee Keok whose  unconditional love, care and trust had shaped the Petitioner  into the person he Is today.     ‘I am very blessed and proud to be your son.’   he says.   YP  seeks  leave to say a few words in Mandarin,  ‘Xie Xie Ni’, to his parents who are here today.

To his brother and sister, Mr. Tan Eng Seen, and Miss Tan  Rong Miin, the Petitioner would like to thank them for always being there to guide him and sharing their  life experiences with him.  Their guidance played a role in helping the Petitioner make better and wiser decisions.

To his pupil master, Mr. Kumar Kanagasingam, whose  flair  and skills as a litigator  never fail to inspire the Petitioner,  to Miss Gaithri, who has been a mentor and a friend.

The most exciting part of the 9 months was that he had an  opportunity to assist, Mr. Kumar Kanagasingam and  Miss Gaithri in a 28 days  section 181  (Companies Act)  trial  where  a new precedent  was set.    Usually, in a s 181 petition,  it is the majority that will buy out  the minority, now the minority can also buy out the majority.

To his current immediate superior,   Mr. Mong Chung Seng for having faith and trust in him to accept him into his team at M/s Lee Hishammuddin.

To all the partners, senior associates, associates,  the wonderful and ever cheerful pupils, especially Mr. Mak Hon Pan, Miss Josephine Chin, Miss Bella Chu, of Messrs Lee Hishammuddin Allen & Gledhill, the Petitioner would like to thank them for their contributions and constant assistance rendered  during the Petitione’s ‘learning curve’  as a pupil for  the entire 9 months.

To Miss Wong Jing En, who has always come around when the Petitioner needed the most support and encouragement.  To  all his high school  buddies, and his university friends, the Petitioner would like to record his gratitude for their love, encouragement and friendship.

Lastly, the Petitioner appreciates his well  wishers who are present this morning to share  and  witness this very special and joyful occasion.

My Lord, I verily believe that all cause papers are  in order and  that the Petitioner is a fit and proper person, to be admitted  and enrolled as an advocate & solicitor of this Honourable Court.    I also believe that the Attorney General, the Bar Council and the Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee on behalf of the Selangor Bar Committee has no objections.

Therefore, My Lord, I humbly pray for an Order in Terms.

(Relevant parties will say no objections and  Judge will give order)

Much obliged, My Lord

My Lord,   Mr Kumar, tenders his apologies for not being able to be present  to robe your Petitioner with Your Lordship’s leave, may I seek leave  to robe Your Petitioner.

Much obliged, My Lord

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