Admission to the Bar of Miss Chuah Sui Cheing

(L-R) Chuah Sui Cheing, Yeoh Khee Hing, Tan Eng Keat, Alex Chang and Ding Ming Shu

Petition No.:    18 -1381-10
Date:        December 2, 2011

Admission Speech of Miss Chuah Sui Cheing as an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya


If it pleases you, My Lord

I, ALEX CHANG HUEY WAH, appear for the Petitioner, CHUAH SUI CHEING and my learned friends representing the Attorney General, The Bar Council and the Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee have already been introduced earlier.

If it so pleases Your Lordship, allow me to say a few words to introduce  your Petitioner, CHUAH SUI CHEING.

The Petitioner is the youngest daughter of Mr & Mrs  Chuah  Seong Keng.  They are present today.

When Your Petitioner was asked where she  read law?   the answer was, where else but  the University of Reading.

My Lord,
a little bit about Your Petitioner’s  personal life.  She loves challenges,    martial arts and marathons are two things she subscribes to for some life changing experiences.

To make her life more challenging Your  Petitioner is a  Muay Thai  Kickboxer.   To practise this type of art, she went through torturous training sessions.

To test her endurance further, she seizes every opportunity to take part in marathons, as a child she was very much inspired by Forest Gump. since  Churchill was quoted, why not Forest Gump?

Your Petitioner  told me Forest Gump has a special way of interpreting life.  He told us,
‘My mother says, Life is like a box of chocolate, you  never  know  what you gonna get until you open it.’

Your Petitioner  will open a brand new box of chocolate of an advocate and solicitors today.  So I had to ask, why do you  need so many trials and tribulations?  She paused for a minute and calmly said,  to prepare for CLP…   The infamous CLP was so tough that she lost 15kg during the course.

The petitioner is  also fond of singing; she sang and  performed during at the   Malaysian Night in her days at the  University of Reading.

My Lord, the Petitioner  read in the  chambers of Ms. Junaidah Abdul Rahim of  Messrs Albar & Partners   a decision She will  never regret as she gained invaluable experience under the expert guidance by not only her Mistress but Mr. Chung Swee Loong, senior partner and legal associates of the firm.

None of the Petitioner’s achievements would have been  possible if  it  were  not for  the support from  her family members.   She would like to thank her parents, Chuah Seong Keng &  Ng Ah Mooi,  for the sacrifices they have made and the opportunities they have given her.  The Petitioner appreciates how lucky she is to have such dedicated parents.

Your Petitioner  also  told me to mention her cousins  and  aunts  for  their  undying love and support, without which she would not be here today.

To her fan club: Eva, Desmond, TJ, Paul, Dickson, Michele, Sim and  all her  friends, she  would like to thank them for their  friendship and continuous support.

Last but not least, to her fellow ‘chambies’  and everyone  else at Albar & Partners, she would like to thank them for making her pupillage fun and unforgettable.

My Lord, I believe that the Petitioner’s papers are in order  and the relevant bodies have no objections.   Wherefore, I humbly pray that the Petitioner be admitted and enrolled as an Advocate and Solicitor of High Court of Malaya.

[Judge grants order]

Much obliged, My Lord

The Pupil Mistress Ms Junaidah Abdul Rahim, tenders her  apologies for  not being present today. I will crave leave for Miss Natalie Peh Suan Wan, a Partner of the Firm  to robe her.

Much obliged.

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