Admission to the Bar of Miss Koh Suan Suan

Koh Suan Suan Alex Chang
Miss Koh Suan Suan with her mover Mr Alex Chang & her Master Mr Paul Kwong

Name:                KOH SUAN SUAN
Petition No.:      18-432-11
Date:                 April 20, 2012

Admission Speech of Miss Koh Suan Suan as an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya


If it pleases you My Lord  Alex Chang Huey Wah, appear for your humble petitioner Koh Suan Suan.

The relevant bodies have already been introduced.

My Lord, allow me a few minutes to   introduce your  Petitioner, Koh Suan Suan to all concerned.

Your Petitioner is from a small town called Sitiawan, Perak and she has two brothers and she is the only daughter of her proud parents  Mr. Koh Liong Hock and Madam Ding Geok Lian.

It  was  never your  Petitioner’s dream to  become a lawyer and  the reason  she decided  to  study law is also not a noble one.   It is just simply her humble wish    in getting  involved in something she called “grandeur”,  something   that she imagined  her parents will say “wow”.   It was only during the second  year of  pursuing  law  degree in  INTI   International College  that  she started to develop a keen   interest in law. It was the subject called Equity and Trust  taught by Ms. Sharlini where the Petitioner learnt that law can be very tricky and exciting.   My Lord, for rest of the day after I  met her, I must  admit that I wondered why Equity and Trust, I thought it should  have been Mrs May Donoghue   and the half decomposed snail that excited her…

She  was quick to admit that she was  never a clever  student,  but MLF Kwong Esq. her master wd strenuously disagree.    She told me to earn a LLB Honours from the University of Hull  she had   sleepless nights, tears,  trials and tribulations.   Building on the LLB, she pursued an LLM in International Laws  in the  same University in 2008.

Apart from laws, My Lord I has to coax her to tell us her hobby.   Your Petitioners has a  very special hobby.   After she got tired of  collecting  stamps, she went on a watches appreciation spree.  She likes  “See through”  watches in  particular the complicated   movements  of the tourbillon, the cogs and wheels inside the watches.

Prior to reading in the chambers of Mr Kwong, had the privilege to be  attached    to Siew & Partners under the guidance of Ms. Yvonne Siew  and   M/s SB Teh & Ho under the guidance of Ms. Teh Seng Bian  She told me that she learnt a lot from them  that no textbook can teach.

Thereafter your Petitioner began her pupillage in Messrs  Azman Davidson & Co under the  tutelage of her   Master and my very good friend Mr. Paul Kum Wah Kwong.

My Lord,
On this special day, your  Petitioner wishes to express her gratitude and appreciation to her beloved parents, Mr. Koh  Liong Hock and Madam Ding Geok Lian  who are present today and her brothers, Koh Young Seng and Koh Yong Cheng for their love, affection and encouragement given unconditionally at all times.

The Petitioner would also like to thank the lawyers, lawyers- to-be and staff of Messrs Azman Davidson & Co particularly Mr. Paul Kum Wah Kwong, for their invaluable guidance and support during her pupilage, which paved the way for the Petitioner to begin her career in law.

The Petitioner would also like to thank all the lecturers that  taught her.  Not to forget her friends that suffered together with her the late nights, well, My Lord, she assured me that   not all late nights were spent at  the library, as I understand now  My Lord the word  “Library” has taken a branch new
meaning in KL.  She wants me to mention these Library mates Lim Ching Ching, Karen Oh Siew Boon, Leong Yit Chia, Hee E Yin and Ching Man San.   I note here My Lord that all her library mates are young ladies.

Last but not least, the Petitioner wishes to thank her  boyfriend, colleagues and friends who are here today  in this Court.

I verily  believe that Your Petitioner’s papers are in order, she is a  Fit and proper person to  be admitted and enrolled,  and the relevant bodies have no objections.

Wherefore I humbly pray that Petitioner  be admitted and enrolled as an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya.  I am obliged.

I seek leave from this Honourable Court to invite me learned friend, Paul Kwong  Esq, Your Petitioner’s pupil master to robe Your Petitioner.

We are obliged.

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