Admission to the Bar of Liong Wai How Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Long Call



Liong Wai How
Liong Wai How

Petitioner:  Liong Wai How
Petition No.: WA-18-795-06/2016
Date: 26th May, 2017 (Friday)
Venue: Kuala Lumpur High Court
Before Her Ladyship Madam Justice Datuk Su Geok Yiam

If it pleases you, My Lady, Alex Chang Huey Wah,  appear for your humble Petitioner Liong Wai How and my learned friends representing the various bodies have already been introduced earlier.

Your  Petitioner is the youngest child of his proud parents  Mr. Liong Chew Sang and Madam Won Ah Moi.

I crave leave for them to be introduced.

He was raised and educated in a small town called Raub, Pahang.   As we all know that is the GOLD mining town of Malaysia.    When your Petitioner was young he harboured the wish of striking Gold, not at the Olympics but from the Pahang Rivers near Raub.   One Sunday morning, Your young  Petitioner went to the River armed with a bucket and a Gold Pan started at 7am prospecting for gold.  After 12 diligent  hours, he concluded that saw dust and sand dust were the only things he could find.

And of course he caught one  famous Pahang River Patin fish for dinner…

From Raub he conveniently moved north along the coast   to  read Laws in the  University Sultan Zainal Abidin in Terengganu.   After he was conferred the law degree,  Your Petitioner  applied to be  an attachment student in  my chambers, to learn a thing or two about companies winding up.  I told him that my learned friend  Miss Valerie Yeo Kim Ann is more eminently qualified  than myself as  his  pupil mistress,  therefore he went under her wings and completed his pupillage in Messrs J. M. Chong, Vincent Chee & Co.

My Lady
On this very special occasion, the Petitioner would like to    express his   gratitude and appreciation to:-
To the most important people in his life,  his  parents  for all these wonderful years;
To his siblings and family members for their  encouragement;
To his pupil mistress, my learned friend Miss Valerie Yeo Kim Ann  for being his role model;
To everyone from   Messrs J. M. Chong, Vincent Chee & Co. for  their patience  these nine months.

LAW  for your Petitioner,  stands for land, air and water.
To him,  essentially, LAW governs everything around us.

My Lady
From the moment Your petitioner is admitted  to the bar, he understands that he  is vested with the holy obligations to preserve  protect and uphold  the LAW.

My Lady, I verily believe that all  papers are  in order and  that your Petitioner is a fit and proper person, to be admitted  and enrolled as an advocate and solicitor of the High Court of Malaya.  I believe my learned friends have no objections to this Petition.
Wherefore, My Lady, I  pray for an Order in Terms.


I crave  leave from Your Ladyship  to invite my learned friend, Miss Valerie Yeo Kim Ann, the Petitioner’s pupil mistress  to robe your  Petitioner.

We are obliged My Lady.

Alex Chang Esq.



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