Admission to the Bar Hannah Teh Kiao Huoi



Hannah Teh Kiao Huoi
Hannah Teh Kiao Huoi

If it Pleases You My Lady, I believe that counsel for the relevant parties have already been introduced.

I crave leave to say a few words about Your Petitioner before I pray for the usual orders.    Your humble  Petitioner hails from Taiping, Perak, is the eleventh child of the 14 children of the proud and  loving couple   to Mr. Teh Seong Huat and Madam Lee Siew Eng.

The Petitioner was an industrious and diligent  student, she finished   top at her high school, the Simpang Secondary School in  Perak. it is not surprising that Your Petitioner was  Public Services
Commission, Public Services Commission (JPA) scholar.  She  then read  laws at the prestigious National University of Malaysia and in June 2013, she was conferred  a Second Class Degree in the Upper Division.

I would like to take a few minutes to inform your Ladyship about Your Petitioner’s other interests in  life.    Apart from  her  academic achievements, the Petitioner has many other ECA.   She told me, she  is a   sports person.   She was the School and University representative in various sports, basketball, netball  and volleyball are her favourite.  Besides  she is also a Taekwondo Black Belt holder since 7 years  ago.    Also a First Aider  to the ones YP defeats in Taekwondo and  if assistance is needed she can render  first aid immediately.   She was active in participating in  all  the  programs under the Red Crescent Society during her university life.

Unsurprisingly, charity comes easily to her too as she always goes to the charity club such as Kechara Soup Kitchen to help out in distributing  the food  to  those homeless people around KL area.

My lady,
The Petitioner commenced pupilage under the guidance of Mr. Ngan Teck Keong of Messrs Ngan Arifah & Chai.   To her master, the Petitioner expresses her gratitude for his teaching, not only in legal knowledge but also the life experience.

The Petitioner would like to  convey her  love, gratitude  and  appreciation to  her parents and all her  sibling, especially  her second  sister and  second  brother in law  (Ms Shirley Teh and Mr. Leong Kok  Pin), third  sister and third brother in law (Ms Chelsea Teh and Mr. Alvin Voon) and also her elder brother, Mr. Teh Bun Ee.   The Petitioner also would like to thanks to his eldest brother, Mr. Teh Chang Kang  for coming all  the  way  to KL just  to attend  this auspicious occasion today.   The  Petitioner would like to  thanks all  of  them for  giving   their  undivided moral support and financial support throughout these few years.

The Petitioner would also like to record her utmost appreciation to her colleagues in Messrs Ngan Arifah & Chai. They are Ms Sherleen, Ms Tan, Ms Xing, Ms Delia and Mr. James. They had guided her well in the nine months and assist her in acquiring a better foundation for her future.


Hannah Teh Kiao Huoi with Mr Alex Chang
Hannah Teh Kiao Huoi with Mr Alex Chang

The Petitioner would also like to state her gratitude, Ms Lim Soo Zee and Raja Madihah,   in assisting  her for the preparation for the  ceremony today.

Last but definitely not least, Your Petitioner would also like to thank her comrades, peers, seniors, lecturers and everyone who had directly or indirectly having shared their past experience and inspired the Petitioner’s outburst enthusiasm towards the profession.   The Petitioner is regretful for not able to mention their names one by one but their  encouragement  and motivation to the Petitioner  will be reminisced.

My Lady,
The Petitioner is a fit and proper person to be admitted and enrolled as an Advocate and Solicitor.
I verily believe that all cause papers are in order and there is no objection from the Attorney General’s Chamber, the Bar Council and the Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee against the Petitioner.
Accordingly, I humbly pray that the Honourable Court grants an order that the Petitioner to be admitted and enrolled as an Advocate and Solicitor of this Honourable Court.


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