Admission to the Bar of Siti Nur Amanda Binti Mizal Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Long Call

Siti Nur Amanda Binti Mizal


PETITION NO. : WA-18-912-05/2019
TIME : 9.30 AM
COURT : High Court, Appellate and Special Powers 1,






If it pleases you, My Lady I, Alex Chang Huey Wah, appear for Your Humble Petitioner, My Learned Friend Miss Elyana Binti Othman is appearing for Chambers and for this Petition I am most grateful to Mr Collin Andrew for agreeing to appear for both the Bar Council and for the State Bar.
My Lady, your Petitioner, Siti Nur Amanda Binti Mizal Azman affectionally known as Amanda amongst her family and friends was born in Kuantan,   grew up in Shah Alam. Your Petitioner is the firstborn of Mr Mizal Azman and Madam Faridah Hanim.
I crave leave for her parents to be introduced.
I think your Petitioner had an excellent childhood.  I asked if she had to go through piano,  violin lessons as a child, she said no need, but she will consider that when time permits.
I asked if she learned Karate, she said her neighbourhood is extremely safe…
I asked if she has climbed Mount Everest she said she has gone to Japan to see Mont Fuji and will decide on Mount Everest on a later date…
In her free time My Lady, she swims a few laps in the pool…
My Lady, your Petitioner read laws at the International Islamic University Malaysia and graduated in 2018 with honours,  second class in the upper division. In the same year, your Petitioner began her pupillage at Messrs Kington Tan Dzul under my good friend, her pupil master, Dato’ Kington Tan Choo Teck.


During her pupillage, your Petitioner was given the opportunity to explore various practice areas with the firm, which gave your Petitioner invaluable insight into the legal practice. Petitioner is grateful to have undergone a fulfilling journey throughout the pupillage which was a time for introspection as much as it was a time for growth and new experiences.
It was during this journey that the Petitioner knew for sure that her decision to venture into the legal field was indeed the right decision.
My Lady, on this memorable day, your Petitioner would like to seek leave to dedicate her gratitude and heartfelt appreciations to the people who have been instrumental in the Petitioner’s journey in her admission to the Bar and her legal career.
First and foremost, your Petitioner would like to thank God for His Blessings. Secondly to her parents and also to her stepmother Madam Norazilah Binti Mohamad and stepfather Mr Azmi Nassaruddin Bin Mohamed Hisham for their unconditional love and sacrifices.
Your Petitioner harbour a sincere hope that she can repay her parents’  love and she hopes that being admitted to the bar would at least repay a fraction of their love. Your Petitioner would also like to thank her siblings, Siti Nur Amelia, Mirza Daniel and Siti Nur Alyssa for their support and comfort.
Your Petitioner wishes to record her appreciation to her pupil master, Dato’ Kington Tan Choo Teck for giving her an opportunity of a lifetime to undergo her pupillage under his wings.
The Petitioner also wishes to express her appreciation and gratitude to Mr Mohamad Mizan Bin Omar and Madam Noraini Binti Samingon, for all of their guidance and being an aspiration to the Petitioner to be as great as a lawyer they all are. Her thanks also go out to her fellow colleagues for helping and assist the Petitioner when in need and making her pupillage an enjoyable journey.
Your Petitioner would like to specially thank her friends, Fatihah, Sufi, Husna, Syahirah, Bisyri, Hany and other kind and loving friends for always having the Petitioner’s back especially through this difficult and confusing times.
My Lady, your Petitioner has one quote that motivates her, which is:
“You do not just wake up and become the butterfly”
-Growth is a process.
Rupi Kaur, The Sun and Her Flowers
Your Petitioner knows that pursuing a legal career is a tough journey. Nonetheless, Your Petitioner is determined and believe that gradually, by hustle and bustle, she will become a prominent advocate and solicitor.
With this My Lady, I believe that the Petitioner is a fit and proper person to be admitted and enrolled as an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya.  I believe  the Petitioner’s papers are in order and that my learned friends from the Attorney General’s Chambers, the Bar Council and the Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee respectively have no objections to this motion.
I therefore humbly pray for an order in terms.



I am very much obliged.

Dato’ Kington Tan Choo Teck tenders his apologies for not being able to attend the admission proceedings today, I crave leave to robe Your  Petitioner.

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