Admission to the Bar of Mr Kenneth Wong Kuok Weng

Admission to the Malaysian Bar (Long Call) Speech

Kenneth Wong Kuok Weng Alex Chang
Mr Kenneth Wong Kuok Weng with his mover Mr Alex Chang

Date:    September 23, 2011

Admission Speech of Mr Kenneth Wong Kuok Weng as Advocate and Solicitor, High Court of  Malaya.

If it pleases you My Lord,

Alex Chang, appear for Your Humble  Petitioner Kenneth Wong, and my learned friends representing the relevant  bodies  have  been  introduced earlier.

My Lord
Your Petitioner, Kenneth Wong Kuok Weng is the eldest boy of  Mr and Mrs Wong Siew Wah.   He graduated from the Cardiff   University, Wales.   Great country scene, the  best place to study.  Kenneth told me  that in Wales,   people do  not talk about animal  rights…. there are 10 million sheep and 3 million people.

My Lord
The  petitioner    loves  futsal and football, therefore  Your Petitioner and I have one thing in common.   Beckham, we both like the Beckhams.   He likes David, I like Victoria.

My Lord, one more detail about Cardiff  this tall  handsome  young man  made it to the cover of the Cardiff  University International Students Propectus….  I found it rather  strange when confessed to me that he Plays only  the guitar and no other instruments.

My Lord
After Wales,
Your Petitioner  then proceeded to take  the Bar Vocational  Course and was called to the English Bar at  the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn.  Upon returning from the United Kingdom, Your Petitioner commenced and completed his pupillage in the prestigious chambers of my learned and old   friend  Wong  Kian  Kheong Esq

My Lord
Your Petitioner would like to express his  heartfelt gratitude to his parents and family for their continuous support, for  without which, he would   never have  reached this milestone in his life.  He would like to also thank in particular, his mother Ms Tan Lee Koon  and his uncle my learned and old friend   Kingston Tan Esq, who are both advocates  and solicitors for  inspiring him at the early age  to read law.

Your Petitioner  told me that he will start his legal career in the  firm of  M/s Hailey  Hassan and Tan,  having known and  worked with  Kingston Tan Esq, my old friend,  I am sure he will soon become a fine litigator.

There is one other reason why Your Petitioner wanted to do law.     He  used to be told off  by almost all his teachers  from primary school right up to   college  for being talkative.    So he  thought, since I am guilty as hell for being talkative,  why not talk and be paid at the same time?    ML his wishes came true today.

Your Petitioner would also like to thank his Pupil  Master,  Wong Kian Kheong Esq  for his guidance and patience throughout the 9 months of pupillage.  He is grateful to his Pupil Master for giving him so much court exposure and the rare  golden opportunity to watch and assist  one of the finest   litigators   in action.    Wong Esq   shown him,  to be a good advocate and solicitor, one must have    the utmost dedication and   love for the law.

Finally, Your Petitioner would like to thank his former colleagues,  Dock Brief mates and friends for making the 9 month, however arduous, a truly enjoyable experience and would also like to express his gratitude to them for being able to avail themselves this morning to witness this meaningful occasion.

My Lord
(i)     Your Petitioner is a fit and proper person to be admitted and enrolled as an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya.
(ii)    all papers are in order
(iii)    no objections from the three bodies

to pray that Your Petitioner be admitted and enrolled as an Advocate and Solicitor


My Lord, I crave leave for Your Petitioner’s mother,  Ms Tan Lee Koon, an advocate and solicitor of the HC Malaya, to robe him.

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