My Frozen Shoulders Experience Fast Effective Treatment

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My Frozen Shoulders Experience Fast Effective Treatment

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One day out of the blue my right shoulder was frozen.I would like to share this experience with you to tell you that your physical health and your legal health is as only good as your health care provider.It was frozen solid to the point I could not even wear my shirt without enduring excruciating pain.Family Doctor

The right thing to do I thought was to consult my family physician and he gave me a recommendation of one of the very best specialists in Kuala Lumpur. My secretary was kind enough to ring his secretary to set up an appointment, whereupon she was asked a very specific question, “My doctor will see you IF and ONLY IF you have either a knee or shoulder problem, apart from that we are very happy to refer you to another doctor.”

Three Times

This question was asked a total of three times by three different people, including the learned specialist himself when I saw him. After listening to me for a minute or two, he gave me a piece of paper with a brief description of the condition called “Frozen shoulder” and cheerfully informed me that I was fortunate to be only diagnosed with a second stage frozen shoulder. What he actually meant was it could have been far worst and I should have thanked my lucky star.

Occupational hazard

As my “occupational hazard” would have it I had to ask, “My good doctor, what was the cause of my good fortune?”

“In medical science, we do not know really, some patients get it while driving, some playing tennis and a host of other varieties.”

The curious me asked, “My good doctor, if you do not know the cause, I do not suppose you have a cure?”

“You need not worry it will go away after ONE GLORIOUS YEAR, by Christmas next year you will be able to open all the boxes on Boxing Day without any difficulties. But if you’d like to crack all your Easter eggs in April without and problems, I’ll be more than happy to give you a few jabs to accelerate your recovery. Christmas or Easter?”

Christmas or Easter?

“Christmas or Easter?” The wonderful thoughts of these two glorious university holidays battled in my head. I paid for my consultation, went away to continue this battle.

My aunt Bella, who is an accountant was concerned that I was battling with numbers, 4 months or 12 months, she gave me an even bigger number, how about 15 she asked.

“My dear aunt, 15!! No way!”

“15 minutes my dear nephew.”

Whereupon she brought me to see this medicine man who also asked me a couple of questions and immediately started massaging my toes.

Miracle Cure

“Hey doctor, I have a pain in my shoulder, you are now causing excruciating pain in my toes!!!”

“Young man, relax, everything is connected.”

Suddenly Newton’s third law flashed across my mind, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” So patiently I waited as he worked through my toes followed by my calves and finally my shoulders. But before he started working on my shoulder he asked me a rather peculiar question.

Red bean soup

“Young man, do you like red bean soup?”

“Yes Doctor, I like it very much, why do you ask?”

He smiled at me and said “You will find out in just a moment.” He did not offer me any red bean soup.

Instead he pressed a DRIED red bean into one part of my shoulder, one of the acupunctural points, using the red bean to intensify the pressure, the pain was intense but not unbearable. I endured the excruciating pain for approximately 3 more minutes which felt like four years and I was done!!!

Literally right after the medicine man took his hands off my shoulder I was filled with a sense of relief and also the fact that the ordeal was finally over.

It only took 15 minutes with the medicine man and I was already about 75% cured. I was able to move my shoulder around freely and the best part? I was free of jabs and did not have to wait until Easter or Christmas!

Two months after my first visit, I revisited the medicine man and by the end of that second 15-minute session I was about 90% cured.

What a relief!


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