Andrew Ng Hoong Ru

Admission to the Bar of Ng Andrew Hoong Ru Long Call


BEFORE His Lordship Mr Justice Nantha Balan Moorthy
Admission Speech for Mr. Ng Andrew Hoong Ru
September 23, 2016

Andrew Ng Hoong Ru
Andrew Ng Hoong Ru

If it pleases you, My Lord

Alex Chang Huey Wah, appear for Your Petitioner, NG HOONG RU and my learned friend  representing the Attorney General, has already been introduced earlier.   For this petition Mr Yong Chin Shiung will appear for the Bar Council and the Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee.

My Lord, Allow me a few minutes to introduce your Petitioner, to all concerned.

Your Petitioner was born  in Kuala Lumpur, read laws  at the Oxford Brookes University, in England.  He then proceeded to obtain  the Certificate in Legal Practice   in October  2015. I often ask the Young Petitioners whether it was their first wish to study laws.   Your petitioner confessed that it was never Your Petitioner’s dream to become a lawyer and the reason he decided to study law was also not a noble one.  He was actually persuaded  by his parents to read laws. However, today he can proudly stand here and say that he has finally done it.      Then he says he can do his own things Now…

So what was his first love?
Your petitioner first interest  was and still  is psychology.  My Lord he did not want to be a lawyer, he knows that the eminent members of the Bar  will be elevated to the bench as a judge to hear cases…  he Did not  want to wait 18 years, he wanted to  be a psychologist to hear cases right from the beginning of his career…

He likes to read people’s mind and help people to recognise small details that they do not usually notice so that people  may  understand  their Own inner workings better.  When he was  reading laws, he was often  fascinated  by the case studies that  touched  upon the  psychological side of the parties.

Your petitioner then slowly developed a deep passion for law and came to realise how important it is to study law as it affects every part of our lives.

His conclusion about our profession is after his pupillage is quite interesting:  ‘There is no right answer, just a convincing one.’

Your  Petitioner read in the chambers of my learned friend  Mr. HONG KIM PIOW of  Messrs Anuar Hong & Ong.      His pupil master   is incidentally   his beloved  uncle, his uncle’s unrighteousness gave him  much inspiration in life from a young tender age.  Your  Petitioner wishes to express his utmost gratitude and appreciation to his uncle and  pupil master for his undying patience and guidance during the 9 months of pupilage.

Allow me to  share a secret of why the word ‘undying’ was used, it means my learned friend  Mr Hong almost died tutoring  him…

My Lord, On this memorable day for your Petitioner, he would like to take this opportunity to record his appreciation to his father, Mr. KENNETH NG HOOI PING and mother Madam JENNIFER HONG GEOK KUAN  and brother Mr. ANSON NG (his beloved mother and brother are here today)  whose unconditional love and support had shaped your  Petitioner into the person he is today.

My Lord, I believe that the papers are in order and that the Petitioner is a fit and proper person, to be admitted and enrolled as an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya.  I  also believe that there are no objections from the  relevant bodies.
Therefore, I humbly pray  for an order in terms.
Much obliged, My Lord.


I crave  leave from this Honorable court to invite me learned friend, Mr HONG KIM PIOW, your petitioner’s pupil master to robe your petitioner.
We are obliged

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