Admission to the Bar of Wong Wai Chee Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Long Call


Wong Wai CheeDate     : November 9,  2016 (Wednesday)
Time    : 10am
Court   : Kuala Lumpur High Court

Judge  : Herladyship Madam Justice Dato Nik Hasmat  Nik Mohamad

(Petition No: 18-1617-12/2015)

If it pleases you My Lady,

Alex Chang  appearing  for    WONG WAI CHEE  Your humble Petitioner.

My Lady,

Your Petitioner, WONG WAI CHEE was born  in Perak to the wonderful couple of MR WONG SOOI SIN and MADAM CHOI SEW KAIN who are present with us this morning, I humbly crave leave for them to be recognised.

Your  Petitioner is the second and youngest child in the family.

Your Petitioner completed her pre-university education at Seafield Secondary School, Subang Jaya.  Your  Petitioner then read laws at the Brickfields Asia College  and was conferred   an LLB degree   with Honours.  She  later  completed  her Certificate in Legal Practice.  Soon after that, the Petitioner began her pupillage in the  Law Chamber of Dahlia Lee & Co under the tutelage of my classmate, learned and good friend Ms. Dahlia Lee Wooi Mien.

A little secret about Your Petitioner, before she read laws, she tried her stint at Mathematics and Economics, however, she found out something  about the economists which did not appeal to her:

“Economics is the only field that two people can get a Nobel Prize for saying exactly the opposite thing…”

Then she decided, if at all, we are going to say exactly the opposite thing, which is much like the way we argue in court ALL the time.  My Lady, the Deputy Public Prosecutor   will ask for “Guilty as charged” the defence counsel will say  “My client is innocent and should walk free…”, then she  thought, she   might as well switch course to study LAWS…

My Lady, the rest is history.

On this memorable day, Your Petitioner would like to seize this opportunity to record her appreciation to her parents and grandparents for the unconditional love,  financial and moral support throughout her years of studies.

Your Petitioner would also like to express her heart felt appreciation  to her close friends and former coursemates, Miss Lau Yuet Sian and Miss Oon Eileen, who have always been there for her through thick and thin.
I think My Lady, her friends may received   the thick part and Your Petitioner only keep the thin part…

During her pupillage in the Law Chamber of Dahlia Lee & Co, Your Petitioner was given the  opportunities to be involved hands-on amongst others, in a construction   and a Court of Appeal matter.   These experiences made her realised that being a lawyer is not as easy or glamorous as popular television shows – like Suits and Law & Order…  Truth hurts… sometimes.
Be that as it may, Your Petitioner admits that she has chosen her ideal career path as she finds it challenging yet exciting to deal with the clients.

With respect to the Clients, this is how she describes them, quoting Clint Eastwood:  the good,  the bad and  the ugly,  all interesting in their own ways.

The clients  have challenged her with questions that are always different and intellectually stimulating – sometimes entertaining, but never boring.    Her pupillage  under the tutelage of  Dahlia   is undeniably a most rewarding experience.

My lady Your Petitioner would like me record her gratitude  towards  Ms. Dahlia Lee  for accepting Your Petitioner under her wings, imparting skills that have shaped Your Petitioner’s career and professional life by the generous  sharing of  experience and wisdom.

Based on the training that Your Petitioner had undergone throughout the nine months, and of course My Lady, knowing Dahlia,  I have no doubt that Your Petitioner is indeed a fit and proper person to be admitted and enrolled as an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya.
I believe all papers are in order and that my learned friends   have no objections to this Petition.

Wong Wai Chee (3rd row, 2nd right) with Herladyship Madam Justice Dato Nik Hasmat Nik binti Nik Mohamad (1st row, 2nd right)
Wong Wai Chee (3rd row, 2nd right) with the presiding judge Herladyship Madam Justice Dato Nik Hasmat  binti Nik Mohamad (1st row, 2nd right)

Wherefore I humbly pray for an order in terms.

Court Order.

I crave leave to invite Ms Dahlia Lee to robe Your Petitioner.

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