Rotary Tri Club Project Launch in Kuala Lumpur 2016


Speech by the Organising Chairman PP Alex Chang

Dec 10, 2016 @ Sungei Wang Plaza

Good Morning Ambassador of Romania
Buna Dimineata

Good morning my rotary friends, Ladies and Gentlemen

Sawadee Karp to my friends form  Thailand
Singapore, Hong Kong & Taiwan 早上好, 早晨

Philippines my Filipino friends told me say good morning in the Philippines: “Good Morning.”  That’s how you say it…

Jokes aside:
Magandang Umaga

I have been tasked to talk a little about the history of the TRI CLUB FELLOWSHIP Project.

History is always telling a story to people who wonder about  what happened a long long time ago…

A few years ago, when PP Phanida Naviroj  was the President Rotary Club of Dhonburi, she wondered  why the three sister clubs of  Dhonburi,  Singapore West and Pudu could not do a project together…

Then she was so busy being the Presidents of the Presidents of her district 3350 she didn’t have time to carry out this project.

On the word wonder…

This reminds me about what a wise man told me 30 years ago.   this is important, listen carefully boys.

“before you got married to your wife, son,
Wonderful things happen…
After you got married son,
You wonder what happened!!!”

Four Rotary  years ago, PP Tan Kay Hui of RC Singapore West, PP Pichai of RC Dhonburi and one guy called Alex from Rotary Club of Pudu met in Singapore and over a cocktail they said we MUST carry out this Tri Club project.

So the project was held in Bangkok, and then Pudu hit a jackpot in Kuala Lumpur…  that project was awarded the Best International Service Project

Do you know why it was a jackpot?
Because the Pudu President that year, what is the name of that guy, some  Alex is totally brainless and could not  come up with such a good idea, the District Governor thought, since that Alex can convince Dhonburi and Singapore West to partner with him, I give him the Best International  Service Award for trying to come up with a project la…

So do you now wonder what happened?

The second Tri Club project was undertaken by Pudu…
a fantastic project call “beautify my home”.
It was attended by two RC Singapore Rotarians.

The third project was undertaken by RCSW
That was such a tear jerking project.   Because they say boys don’t cry so I held back all my tears, it was a special project with the Rare Disease Society of Singapore and it encapsulated all the sweat and  tears of all these parents whose children are affected by a rare diseases.

This year Pudu donated two ambulances to St John then our President said it takes 4 minutes for a person to be cut off from oxygen to  suffer brain damage, in four minutes time the ambulances stuck in the KL Traffic can only reach a short distance of 20 metres.

By the time CPR etc the chance of survival  of the victims is marginally reduced.
So we came up with the idea of giving Defribilator to go together with the ambulances

This year
A Trader bought some Equipment from a Chinese Businessman
There was a signboard which said:
“Guarantee NO SPOIL”

When the Equipment broke down
The Chinese Businessman said, for 5,000 years, we read from
Right to left,  Not Left to right.

“SPOIL NO Guarantee”

prc-chinapress-50th-ann-newspaperDato Burnard Yeo Kim Thong
If the Defribilator is spoilt Pudu will  not guarantee it…

It gives me the greatest pleasure to invite His Excellency
Constantin-Volodea NISTOR, The Romanian Ambassador to Malaysia

Dato Burnard Yeo Kim Thong, the Selangor State Commander  of St John Ambulance

President Lim Kok Guan
RC Singapore West President 2016/ 17

President Theeravat  Theeravat Kanokkul
RC Dhonburi President 2016/17

Of course my lady boss President Sandy Soh on stage for the presentation of the mock cheque and the real Defribilator to St John Ambulance.

I thank you all for attending this simple but meaningful launch.

PP Alex Chang
Rotary Club of Pudu

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