Admission to the Bar of Lim Yi Hui Tasha Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Long Call

If it pleases you My Lady, Alex Chang appear for your humble Petitioner Lim Yi Hui and my learned friends representing the various bodies have already been introduced earlier, with the exception that my learned friend Mr Shukor Tokachil will also represent the Bar Council for this petition.

Your Petitioner known to her friends as Tasha, is the youngest child of her proud parents, the late Mister Lim Choon Yang and Madam Chong Swee Peng. I crave leave for her mother to be introduced.

Your Petitioner was born on the Penang Island, but raised in Kuala Lumpur. She read laws at the University of Liverpool.

When your Petitioner was an undergraduate she came to my chambers as an attachment student, and according to her to grasp an early exposure and hands-on experience which kick started her legal career.

She is too kind with her words, My Lady, I think we did not have much to offer her except, on how to use the computer…

In the year 2016 Your Petitioner was called to the English Bar at the honourable Inner Temple. Thereafter, she completed her pupilage in Messrs Skrine under the guidance and tutelage of my learned and good friend, Dato’ Philip Chan.

In the eyes of the public, Your Petitioner’s family seems to conform to the typical Chinese families, where all the children must grow into some kind of profession. Generally, many people think that they were pressured or forced by the parents to pursue a professional career.

However, this is not the case for Your Petitioner’s family; indeed an exception to the general ‘rule’.

It is a pure beautiful coincidence that this family produced a Doctor and a soon to be Lawyer. The two sisters were not groomed to become a doctor or a lawyer. When Your Petitioner conveyed her intention to study laws to her mother, surprisingly your petitioner did not receive the approving looks. Perhaps, the Hong Kong TV series implanted the impression that lawyers assist the bad people to achieve their goals. Albeit not very impressed with the Petitioner’s ambition, it did not deter her mother from supporting her to achieve her goals.

My Lady,
Your Petitioner would like to seize this opportunity to express her gratitude to the most important people in her life who have been there with her in her journey towards this glorious day. Firstly, her family, especially her dearest mother, Madam Chong, who has, unconditionally supported Your Petitioner in every way throughout her journey here.

Madam Chong has been a real superwoman, a supermom for raising two daughters on her own, making sure her daughters would always have the best of everything.
Above all always teaching her children to be kind, giving and loving.

Your Petitioner’s mother would always reminds them to give and help the poor no matter how poor we are. Your Petitioner wonders, how poor can we get really? Because according to Abraham Lincoln, “No man is poor who has a Godly mother”.

For all of this, Your Petitioner is forever indebted to her mother.

Your Petitioner would also like to thank all her other relatives who have showered her with endless love, support emotionally and financially that anyone could have asked for.

Also, to her Master, mentors, and seniors, at Skrine for their time and patience in guiding Your Petitioner. Thank you for sharing both the practical and technical knowledge; they are the testament to the term “walking dictionaries”.

Last but definitely not the least, to all her ever supportive friends and colleagues who have been there through the storms and sunshine; the journey would not be complete without them. Your Petitioner cannot thank them enoughg. For this, the glory today is for all to share.

My Lady,
I believe Your Petitioner is a fit and proper person to be admitted and enrolled as an Advocate & Solicitor, all the papers are in order and the relevant bodies have no objections. Therefore I humbly pray that Your Petitioner be admitted and enrolled as an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya. I am very much obliged.

Order by the court.

I tender an apology on behalf of Dato Chan as he cannot attend this auspicious occasion, I crave leave to robe your Petitioner.

Very much obliged.

Alex Chang Esq.


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