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Post Graduate Bursary/  Scholarship in Food Science/ Technology

We refer to the above.

2 FRASER & Neave Holdings Bhd and Rotary Club of Pudu (‘Pudu RC’) has created a Fraser & Neave Bursary under the Rotary Club scholarship scheme.

3 We are currently looking to grant a one time RM 5,000.00 bursary to an outstanding and deserving student.

4 Eligibility
To be eligible, bursary applicant must:
4.1 Be a current Malaysian university student; and
4.2 Studying or researching at Master or PhD level; and
4.3 Studying or researching into field related to food such as food technology or other disciplines relevant to F&N’s core business.

4.4 Closing date for this application: November 15, 2018

5 Eligible students are encouraged to send in their application for the bursary directly the Chairman of the Project, for Rotary Year 2018/ 2019 is Past President Jeffrey Yap and the undersigned the deputy chair, our contact details are as follows:

5.1 PP Jeffrey Yap Mobile Phone: 012-7006282
5.2 Email: jeffyapbb@gmail.com

5.3 Alex Chang Mobile Phone: 012-2273289
5.4 Email: rotary@alexchanglaw.com and chow@alexchanglaw.com

6 Should there be any enquiry from universities or interested applicants, please do not hesitate to contact us.

7  The discretion of the Club and  our sponsor will be final. Thank you

Yours in Rotary
Past President Alex Chang


Please click here for the invitation letter.

Please click here to download the application form.

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