Substituted Service 替代传递 送达

Substituted Service

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What is Substituted Service

1    A brief  introduction to the process of Substituted Service.

1    替代传递过程简介。

2     Unless expressly provided by the   Rules  of Court for the documents to be served personally,  may be served by other mode of service such as inter alia leaving a copy of the document  at  the proper address of the person to be served  or  the  Prepaid Registered post.

2。 除非法庭法规(Rules of Court)明文规定该文件需面交传递,可以通过其他服务方式传递,如把文件的副本留在送达人准确的地址或使用预付挂号邮递。

3     Personal service is required when it is specifically provided for by the of the Rules of Court 2012 or by an  order of the court.  For instance,  the serving a Bankruptcy Notice or a Creditor’s Petition in Bankruptcy proceedings.

3    当法庭法规(Rules of Court 2012)或法令特别规定文件需面交传递,那么文件就一定要以面交方式送达给送达人。例如,传递“破产通知书”或债权人的破产呈请。

How To Effect Personal Service


4     Personal  service is  effected by leaving   a copy of the document with the  person  to be served.  The process server must  show the person to be served,   in the case where the document  is a writ or other originating  process,  the sealed copy of the document;  and  in any other case, the process server must  show him  an office copy of the document to be served.

4 面交传递的完成可以是由把文件的副本留给送达人(person to be served)。在传递原诉法律程序文件或其它令状的情况下,传递员(process server)必须向该人展示盖印副本;而在别的情况下,传递员只须展示该人公文正本。

5     In the event that the Honourable Court is of the opinion that it is impractical to serve that document personally on that person or there is any reason to believe that the person to be served is evading service or any other reason that the document cannot be served in   the ordinary way, the Honourable Court will then make an order for substituted service of that document.


Application for Substituted Service
6     The  application  for an order for substituted service of that document  shall  be made by notice of application supported  by  an  affidavit  stating  the  facts on why the personal service cannot be effected on the person to be served.

6   为文件申请替代传递的命令需通过申请通知书以及用宣誓书来支持说明为何面交传递无法行得通。

7     However, there are some guidelines to be followed before one can  apply  for an order for  Substituted Service, it is not adequate by merely stating in  the affidavit that the person to be served is evading service.

7  然而,在申请替代传递的命令之前还有一些必须遵循的准则,因为单单用以宣誓书来说明送达人在逃避传递是不足够的。

7.1     There must be at least two attempts to serve the documents by way of  personal service on the person to be served;


7.2     The service should be made at  the last known residence, whether   permanently or  temporarily.    If the claim relates to the   business of the Person to be served, the service should be made at his business address.  If  the Person to be served  has left the address given  in the writ, the Person to be served  should state the same in the affidavit.


7.3     The service  should  be made on weekdays and also at reasonable hours.

7.3 传递活动应在平日以及合理的时间里进行。

7.4     The first and second attempts of  service  should be on separate day.

7.4 第一和第二次的传递尝试应在不同的日子里进行。

7.5      The second attempt of service should be made by  appointment vide a  letter sent to the Defendant  by prepaid ordinary  post.


7.6     On the appointed date,  the process server should inquire whether the Defendant has received the letter of appointment with a  copy of  the document.

7.6 在预约好的日期,传递员应该询问被告是否已经收到预约信和文件的副本。

Bring The Document to the Notice of the Person to be Served
8     Once a substituted service order is granted by the Honourable Court.   The service of the document is   effected   by  taking the following steps instead of personal service, as the Court may direct to bring the document to the notice of the person to be served:


8.1     by posting  a  copy of the order together with a sealed copy of the document on the Notice board of the relevant court;

8.1 将指令的副本和盖印副本一起张贴在有关法院的公告板 ;

8.2     by posting a copy of the order together with a sealed copy of the document on the front door/ gate of the last known address of  the person to be served;

8.2 将指令的副本和盖印副本一起张贴在送达人最后为人所知的地址的前门/大门前;

8.3     by advertising  once in the local newspaper.

8.3  在当地的报章山刊登一次

9     The last postings (at the premises of the person to be served and the Notice board of the relevant court)  and the advertisement shall be deemed good and sufficient service of the  documents on   the person to be served,  if they are done within the time   stipulated by the Court.

9   若已在法庭规定的时间内在送达人的地址和有关法庭公告板上做了最后的张贴以及刊登,该被送达给送达人的文件替代传递就算完成了。

*Chinese is a translation to the best efforts and if there is a conflict between the translation and the English version, please refer to the English version.


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