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New cases are added yearly since 1995 to our list of reported/ published cases, now numbering more than 30, on debt recovery, winding up, injunctions and other areas.

The Grounds of Judgment: Yap Kit Wah & 30 Ors v Yap Kim Choon @ Yap Siw Sin & 2 Ors dated October 13, 2014
判决的理由:2014年10月13日,叶基华(Yap Kit Wah) & 另外30 位 v 叶金聪(Yap Kim Choon) @ 叶穗心(Yap Siw Sin) & 另外两位

The Grounds of Decision: LGB Engineering Sdn Bhd v Saiful Rais Bin Shaiks Salim and 2 Others dated September 30, 2014
判定的理由:2014年9月30日,LGB Enginnering私营有限公司 v 塞尔夫拉伊斯 bin 萨伊萨琳(Saiful Rais b]Bin Shaiks Salim)和另外两位

The Grounds of Decision: N. Z. New Image Sdn Bhd v Loh Yok Liang dated August 5, 2014.
判定的理由:2014年8月5日,N. Z. New Image私营有限公司 v 罗玉良(Loh Yok Liang)

The sealed order from the Court of Appeal vide W-02(NCC)(A)-466-03/2014 dated August 14, 2014: Fore-Sight Marketing Sdn Bhd v Quintraz Sdn Bhd
上诉庭的指令 W-02(NCC)(A)-466-03/2014, 2014年8月14日:Fore-Sight市场营销私营有限公司 v Quintraz 私营有限公司

The Grounds of Judgment: Quintraz Sdn Bhd v Fore-Sight Marketing Sdn Bhd dated March 5, 2014
判决的理由:2014年3月5日,Quintraz私营有限公司 v Fore-Sight 市场营销私营公司

The Grounds of Judgment: Bumitech Marketing Sdn Bhd v Suasa Efektif (M) Sdn Bhd dated May 10, 2012, a case where two company directors were held in contempt of court and sentenced to two weeks’ imprisonment.
判决的理由:2012年5月10日,Bumitech 市场营销私营有限公司 v Suasa Efektif (M)私营有限公司,这事件的起因是两位公司董事因蔑视法庭而被判坐牢两个星期。

The Grounds of Judgment: CCM Chemicals Sdn Bhd v Wan Muhamad Ibrisam Wan Ibrahim dated May 23, 2011, [2011] 1 LNS 1011, on a case where the director claimed that he did not sign the guarantee, nevertheless a judgment was granted.
判决的理由:2011年5月23日,CCM Chemicals私营有限公司 v Wan Muhammad Ibrisam Wan Ibrahim,「2011」1 LNS 1011, 这事件是那位董事声称他没有签署担保书,尽管如此判决依然被授予。

The Grounds of Judgment: Choong Lee Kwang v Dayatera Roof Systems Sdn Bhd dated July 24, 2009, [2009] 1 LNS 1718 where a director initiated a winding up action to wind up his own company.
判决的理由:2009年7月24日,钟李光 v Dayatara 屋面系统公司,「2009」 1 LNS 1718 , 这案件是一位董事对自己的公司发起的清盘行动。

The Grounds of Judgment: Vearrian Tanzania Ltd (Formerly known as Virian Tanzania Ltd.) v CNLT (Far East) Berhad dated January 16, 2009. The Winding Up of a Public Company Listed in the Stock Exchange, by a team led by Mr Alex Chang
判决的理由:2009年1月16日,Vearrian Tanzania Ltd (原名是Virian Tanzania Ltd) v CNLT (Far East) 有限公司。由张大侓师先生率领的队伍对一家上市公司发起清盘行动。

FW Industries v Suitech (the Original grounds written by the learned Judge Hishamudin), published in the Current Law Journal: [2008] 3 CLJ 210. Two petitions to wind up the same company, our clients’ Petition was the second one and obtained the winding up order.
FW工商业 v Suitech (由希山慕丁法官所写的裁决理由),并发表在现行法侓的期刊(Current Law Journal):「2008」3 CLJ 210。这案件有两者对同一家公司呈请清盘,而我们当事人的申请是第二个但获得公司清盘指令。

PECD V FREEHOLD (the original grounds written by the learned Judge, now Judge of the Court of Appeal Dato Vincent Ng), published in the Current Law Journal: [2008] 3 CLJ 215.
PECD V FREEHOLD(由上诉法院的主审法官拿督Vincent Ng所写的),发表在现行法律的期刊(Current Law Journal): [2008] 3 CLJ 215.

Where an application to injunct our clients from filing a winding up Petition failed.

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