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Solar Lamp Project in Sarawak

PRC-Solar-Lamp-BannerA Rotary Club of Pudu project carried out with our partner in service, Ms Aimee LIEW.

Despite living in the 21st century, the people of interior  Sarawak do not have access to electricity, thus limiting their sources of light to kerosene lamps, gas lamps, generator sets and candles.   Although effective, it poses a hardship for them to perform basic activities such as cooking, eating and studying.   Thus, Solar Lamps serves as the best option of lighting for the Sarawak interior due to the unavailability of electricity, a basic necessity which is readily available in our cities.


On 23.10.2015, the assemblyman of Ba’kelalan , YB Baru Bian together with one of the villagers,  Paran Padan of Kampung Budak Nur had approached Ms Aimee Liew  and brought her attention to the village’s need of Solar Lamps.

Location:  Kampung Budak Nur is 150kms on logging roads from the nearest town of
Lawas, Sarawak.

Access:  A 4-Wheel Drive is required to travel for approximately 6 hours on logging roads filled with potholes before the team may arrive at the village (see picture above).

Population:  Approximately     250-300 people, and there is an estimate of 70 households.   The villagers’ vocation  is mostly farmers.

PP Alex Chang as the Organising Chairman of the Solar Lamp Sarawak Project





The President of RC Pudu PP Dato' Muslim is presenting the cheque to Ms Aimee Liew
The President of RC Pudu PP Dato’ Muslim is presenting the cheque to Ms Aimee Liew
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