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Pudu Rotary Club: Jenjarom Old Folks’ Home Visit

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Jenjarom Old Folks’ Home Visit

Posted by Shiou Ting Ong on Sep 13, 2015

“If you’re reading this…
Congratulations, you’re alive.
If that’s not something to smile about,
then I don’t know what is.”

The topic about the visit to Old Folks popped out many times in the Whatsapp groupchat. Initially I didn’t want to promise to go but 2 weeks prior to the visit, I’ve made up my mind and replied to the chat room saying, “Please count me in.”  At the same time, I decided to extend this meaningful event to my family members by posting it in my family group chat. My mum and sister immediately agreed to join me. However, a week before the visit, a good friend of mine texted and reminded me that she’s leaving to Manchester on the same weekend. I was like…..oh crap! Since I’ve promised to join the visit, so I have to rearrange my schedule. Hence I quickly checked the train ticket to Ipoh hoping to get the right ticket. Voila…..I managed to get it and left on Friday night, returning to KL on Sat evening. Thank god, luck is with me this time. If I didn;t manage to get the ticket, I would have to drive all the way to Ipoh, then it would be a superb tiring week.


To be awfully honest, I was thinking to drop a message and ffk (it means to break a promise/deal already made with another party, last minute). This is because I will only meet my friend once a year and I have been postponing it for a month. And I didn’t know what to expect and what to say to the elderly folks there though this is not my first visit to old folks home. My parents used to bring us to the old folks home once a year to distribute red packets when we were young. Back then, we were warned not to ask so many questions because we might upset the old folks with our questions. Yeah…. I am supposed to share the story of the visit and not the excuses for not going or grandmother stories. To cut the story short, let’s begin with the main objective of this post.

We started the journey from Kajang to Jenjarom about 9.00a.m and arrived about 40 minutes later. Upon arriving, we managed to catch our breakfast at one of the food stalls nearby and made a quick visit to the famous Buddhist temple, Fgs Dong Zen.

We arrived at the Jenjarom Old Folks Home at about 10.30a.m. We saw the Rotarians were cheerful and humble lot of Rotarians mainly my parents’ age. We felt a little awkward because we didn’t know what to say to the elderly folks. Some seemed happy with our presence, while the rest continued to rest on the chairs or preferred to keep to themselves. I wouldn’t blame them for such behaviour as they may have lost trust for human kind after being abandoned by people whom they trusted most. We would like to thank Mr. Quah for bringing us to tour the Old Folks home and shared the history/origin of the house.


Men's power
Men’s power


Women's power
Women’s power

Dato Dr Lee Hoo Teong volunteered to give all the old folks medical check out i.e blood pressure, diabetes etc. That’s very kind of him.

Dato' Dr Lee Hoo Teong
Dato’ Dr Lee Hoo Teong

President Dato Muslim gave his opening remarks in Bahasa Malaysia and I believed that most of the old folks couldn’t understand a word but we could tell the old folks were aware that the feast will start pretty soon. PP Dato Dr Lee Hoo Teong’s wife, Ann Datin Esther Lee volunteered to translate to the old folks in multiple languages- hokkien and mandarin. That was very nice of her.

Dato' Muslim
Dato’ Muslim

Dato Muslim handed over a cheque of RM3000 to the administrator. The Rotary Club of Pudu also sponsored 12 armchairs, 10 plastic red chairs and a water dispenser. The water heater in one bathroom has been repaired too.

image image

Each of the old folks received a goody bag containing shampoo, tooth paste, milo, coffee, etc. Rotarian Sandy offered sugar free fresh juices and the French bakery donated vanilla cakes.



After the visit, a family fellowship lunch was served at Kang Guan Restaurant.

Family fellowship lunch
Family fellowship lunch


Family fellowship lunch
Family fellowship lunch

P/S: Special thanks to Mdm. Veron Pearcey for all the arrangement and all Rotarians who visited the Jenjarom Old Folks Home.
Your presence would make their day.


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